How to Get Rid of Sulfur Burps: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Sulfur Burps: Best Home RemediesSulfur burps is a health condition of developing air in your stomach which has the smell of rotten eggs. Obviously, the majority of people experience burps as it is an absolutely normal condition. Still, the burps should smell the food you have eaten rather than something strange and unpleasant.

Certainly, any person who is suffering from sulfur burps wishes to change the situation and get rid of this embarrassing smell which is going out of their mouths.

If you are one of such individuals, you will definitely benefit from the information which has been collected in the present article. You will find here the material on the most common causes of sulfur burps, the way you can get rid of them as well as some preventive measures.

What Are Sulfur Burps and What Can Cause Them?

You can easily guess that the smell of rotten eggs comes from hydrogen sulphide H2S. This substance is realised when the proteins are being broken down by the sulfur reducing microbes in your intestine.

You will find that there is a great number of various causes of this condition. In some situations, the culprit of the smell is food rich in proteins whereas in other cases it can be caused by some diseases and disorders of your digestive system. Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to developing digestive problems.

Pay your attention to other symptoms. If your sulfur burps are quite frequent and you are also experiencing vomiting and diarrhoea, you should consult a doctor as these can be the signs of irritable bowel syndrome or some serious malaises.

Your Diet as a Culprit of Sulfur Burps

It has already been mentioned that sulfur burps can be caused by particular foods you are eating. First of all, improper diet which is rich in sugary foods and heavy protein products can entail frequent sulfur burps. This is usually caused by a lower ability of your stomach to digest proteins. Thus, these substances tend to stay longer in your body and once you have too much gas, they leave your digestive system as burps with unpleasant smell.

Still, it can be useful to look through the list of foods which are more likely to cause sulfur burps. You will see that apart from sugary products, the majority of such foods are very valuable for your organism despite the tendency to create the smell of rotten eggs.

First of all, red meat as well as poultry can lead to sulfur burps since these products are extremely rich in proteins. Obviously, eggs is another product which is likely to create unpleasant smell. Again, milk is characterised with a great amount of proteins, therefore you can expect burps after consuming this product. If you don’t want to stop taking this food, it will be better for you to switch to some fermented milk products. which can be digested more easily.

The next group of foods causing sulfur burps are vegetables. Pay your attention to yams, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, watercress, parsley, asparagus, pack choi, broccoli, onions, cabbage, mustard and garlic.

Some fruits are particularly capable of creating the smell of rotten eggs. If you wish to avoid it, you should definitely bring your awareness to bananas, avocado and watermelon.

Obviously, you shouldn’t forget about legumes which can cause excessive gas in any healthy person. If you are not planning to spend a whole day alone at home, do not eat alfalfa, beans, jicama, peas, carob, lentils and soy. Remember that soy contains one of the highest amount of proteins from all plants. That is why this legume is used for producing alternatives to the products given by animals. Soy products are particularly popular among vegetarians.

Some grains, seeds and nuts can also be culprits of the unpleasant smell. You should be particularly careful with coconut, corn, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, oats, walnuts and cashews.

Unfortunately, such popular beverages as coffee and tea can also produce hydrogen sulphide. You should also pay your attention to whey proteins.

You should be careful with eating canned food, dried fruits, prepackaged cold foods as well as drinking vine. These products usually have special food preservatives containing sulfur which prevent them from being infested with some microorganisms.

Actually, no matter what food you are consuming, you shouldn’t do it too fast. When you do not chew your meal properly, your stomach has a problem with digestion. This can lead to sulfur burps as well.

Medications and Diet Supplements

Even if you resign from all the products which have been mentioned above, you can still suffer from sulfur burps. That is because some medications or food supplements contain such amino acids as cysteine and methionine which are particularly rich in sulfur.

In addition to it, you shouldn’t take too much biotin (vitamin H) and thiamine (vitamin B1). Of course, some medicines can contain pure sulfur as well.

How to Get Rid of Sulfur Burps: Best Home Remedies
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