How to Get Rid of Sunburn Blisters Fast: Treatment and Home Remedies

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Chamomile is super soothing to sunburn blisters and adding a few drops of extract to some water is a great home remedy for getting rid of sunburn blisters. A towel or washcloth dipped and wrung out and applied directly to the affected skin will greatly cool it down and provide extended relief. You can also do this with chamomile tea if you don’t have any chamomile extract.

9. Cucumber


Cucumber is another great home remedy for getting rid of sunburn blisters. It is extremely cooling to the body, and applying a cucumber paste to sunburn blisters is great for drawing out heat and keeping skin feeling cool. Eating fresh cucumbers will also help cool the body from the inside and speed along with healing.

10. Oat Meal

Oat Water

A paste made from oatmeal powder and water is a popular way to get rid of painful sunburn blisters. Oatmeal provides great relief to irritated skin and has been used for years to treat skin conditions. The paste can be applied to the blisters and rinsed off after about 20 minutes. Soaking in a bath with oatmeal powder added to the bathwater will also provide relief.

How to Get Rid of Sunburn Blisters Fast: Treatment and Home Remedies
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  1. We keep an aloe Vera plant on our patio. Whenever someone gets a sunburn or injury we pick some of the stalks then apply the aloe from the plant. It works great to take away the sting, lower temperature & speed healing.

  2. Hi I'm 12 I got sun burnt and I got blisters the day after I amber got one big one and all other tiny ones and when I go to bed the biggest one gets bigger and it hurts what should I do??

  3. Hi. I've tried everything to ease the pain of my sunburn blisters. From lotions to tea, plants and baking soda. I have fair skin and always burn in the sun. The lotions, plants etc. relieves the burns for just a little while and then the burning sensation comes back. Any recommendations?

  4. i got sunburn blisters today and i dont know if i will sleep well or if they may burst if i sleep what if i role onto my back? im a bit scared

  5. Its on my face! It hurts to smile, laugh, and even cry! I can't even wipe away my own tears! My skin is tight and flakey with blisters on my chin, cheeks, and forehead. Nothing works on me. I've tried everything. Idk if I should try lotion or not. Any hints?

    1. I have them on my face as well and I got a wash cloth and ran it under cool water and layed it on my forehead three times a day because it takes out the heat and I've seen that it also helps the fluid come to the surface. Mine were gone after I did that for a few days but it takes time for them to heal completely.

  6. hi i hope this helps i am a red head 36 y/o 98 per. of my life i have had every thing from reg. sun burns to 3 deg. burns try tea bags just reg. tea bags put in 10-15 of them in to a bath the tea helps draw out the burn … you can try tea tree put sev. drops in to bath and relax 20 -40 min Aloe Vera dont be afraid to lather it on your skin will take it all in . i hope this helps

  7. Air of my years I have been a sunworshiper, always had a great tan and if I got sunburnt in a couple days it turned tan. Never had blisters. Now the past two years I get a little sunburn or even a good tan and I get blisters about five days later. What is causing this? I love the sun please help so I can enjoy the sun. I do not take any mmeds that have sun warning.

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