How to Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair Naturally, Fast at Home

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How to Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair Naturally, Fast at HomeDo you have problem with abnormal hair growth? People usually have their hairs all over the body, in a many different places. So it is absolutely OK that you can find hairs in strange parts of your body.

It can be also on your face, even if you are a woman. This is also normal situation, but what is important, that there should not be a lot of hairs on your face. If it is only fine hairs that look like a peach fuzz you don`t need to worry about it.

But if hairs on your face are very visible, it is a lot of it and when you are a woman, that can be a problem. There is a special medical term for abnormal hair growth, it is called hirsutism. Generally it has been shown that problem of hirsutism is more often observed at people with dark hair and dark skin pigmentation than at blonde hair and lighter pigmentation.

Of course it is obvious that unwanted hairs on your face it is a huge problem. It can be very embarrassing for women. That`s why mostly women are interested in method how to get rid of unwanted facial hairs. But not only, also men are removing hairs from different parts of their body.

But of course there are special medical issues that can be responsible for an abnormal hair growth. You need to be aware that some kind of hormonal changes and problems with ovarian for instance can promote abnormal hair growth.

So here you can find summary of all known methods that you can try to use to remove abnormal growing hairs and also discussion about potential reasons of such situation. You need to know that there are several different options and methods you can try.

Some of them can be done easily at home, as that are mostly natural, homemade remedies. Other methods involve some more effort. You can try them if you will not be satisfied with natural, homemade remedies.

The Most Common Natural Remedies To Reduce Unwanted Facial Hairs Fast

Homemade sugar wax

Homemade Sugar Wax
You need to try it! This is extra easy and cheap homemade remedy to remove unwanted facial hairs. Besides, it is also very effective. To try it at home you need to prepare few things.

  • Mix two teaspoons of granulated sugar ad one teaspoon of honey and again one teaspoon of water.
  • The best is to warm such mixture a little bit, don’t do it too long, stop before it will bubble and turn brownish. Allow the mixture to cool down.
  • Take a spatula and apply carefully on your skin in the areas where you have unwanted hairs.
  • Put a cloth strip on the sugar wax and press it. Than smooth it out using fingers in the direction of the hair growth.
  • After a while, take it off in the opposite direction than growth of hairs.
  • Repeat so many times as you need it.
  • Chickpea Flour

    Chickpea Flour
    You can use a chickpea flour to exfoliate your face skin. That will help to remove all dead skin cells and also hairs from your face. Besides, it can make your skin lighter and at the same time your face hair will look brighter. Chickpea flour is maybe not so common in standard stores, but you can find it easily in all kind of Indian markets or health food stores.

    When you want to try it, you need to mix two tablespoons of chickpea flour, one tablespoon of milk cream, one teaspoon or a bit more of milk and three – quarter teaspoons of turmeric. When you mix it properly, you will get a very thick paste that can be applied directly on your face.

    Let it stay on your skin for about 20 minutes, wait until it will dry out. Then you need to scrub it off from your face. For that you can use just wet soft cloth or a facial loofah pad. You should repeat it three or four times a week for about a month.

    Other method you can try is to mix a tablespoon of chickpea flour with one – half teaspoon of natural yogurt and also one – quarter teaspoon of turmeric. At the end also a little bit of a rose water can be added. Apply it on your face skin and leave it for about 20 minutes, then scrub it off correctly.

    And the last alternative is to mix two tablespoons of chickpea flour, one – quarter teaspoon of turmeric and around one – half teaspoon of fresh milk. Mix it all together correctly until you will get a thick but very smooth paste. Apply it directly on your face. Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes, at the end of time you can start to scrub it off. That will make your skin look much brighter and exfoliation should remove some of the facial hairs as well.

    How to Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair Naturally, Fast at Home
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