How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently – Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently - Best Home RemediesHair covers most of the skin of every person and was developed by nature to give the body extra insulation. However, with time it has become something undesirable and unaesthetic.

In fact, very few people wish to have hair in other areas than scalp and eyebrows. And, obviously, beard – if you’re a man fond of it. Therefore, both men and women struggle to maintain the skin hair-free and smooth and – depending on the person – regularly remove the hair from the legs, feet, bikini area, hands, arms, back and face.

The more visible the area, the bigger problem the unwanted hair poses. Daily shaving is uncomfortable, time-consuming and often causes skin irritation. Shaving creams also give the results that last only a few days. What to do, then, if we want to remove the hair permanently? Read on to learn which hair removal techniques are the most effective and how to use them.

Reasons Of Excess Hair

Not everyone understands that the unwanted hair is a real struggle. You probably have a friend who claims that she only shaves her legs once every two weeks and it’s enough to keep her legs smooth. Or a guy who only shaves his face twice a week and regardless of that always looks well groomed. The reason why some of us have more hair depends mostly on the genetics and the hormones. If you’re a man and your father had to shave every single day, chances are you will have to do the same if you want to have smooths skin on your face.

If you are a girl and your mother complained about the necessity to shave her legs several times a week, you will probably have to make friends with a razor, too. Hormones also have a significant influence on the amount of hair that grows on our body. The higher the level of testosterone, the faster the hair grows. Women who notice excessive hair growth and have irregular periods, small breasts or some masculine features (deeper voice, excess muscles), may suspect that the excessive body hair is caused by an improper level of hormones.

In that case, they should talk to the endocrinologist and check if controlling the hormones through oral medication will not solve the problem.

General Tips About Hair Removal

There is a wide range of hair removal techniques and you should try various ways of removing unwanted hair until you find the one that’s the best for your skin and the most comfortable for you. Some of the most popular ways of hair removal are shaving with a razor, waxing, epilating and – more and more often – laser hair removal and electrolysis.

There is a common misconception that the latter two methods allow you get rid of the hair permanently, but you have to remember that to get some really good results, you have to undergo the treatment in the right way and in the right moment. First of all, remember that as long as the skin is alive, it will try to regenerate the hair growth, so you have to be prepared to undergo some touch-up sessions on a regular basis.

Even though laser and electrolysis damage the majority of hair follicles, some of them might get reactivated by some fluctuations of hormones. That’s why many women who underwent laser hair removal and then got pregnant or started suffering from a hormone-related disease, find themselves in the same situation as before.

If you plan on having the electrolysis or laser hair removal, but there is a chance you will get pregnant within the next two to three years, think twice so that you don’t waste your money.

If you remove your hair with home methods, remember to always prepare your skin for the treatment so that it doesn’t get irritated. Try to remove the hair after a shower or a bath, when the pores are open and the hair comes out easier. Avoid razors, since they only make the hair grow back stronger and darker.

Instead, choose wax, shaving creams, epilators or one of the home remedies we describe below. Wash the skin well with warm water after the treatment and finish off with cold water in order to soothe the redness, irritation and pain and to help close the pores. Finally, apply hydrating and softening body lotions and creams on the problematic area so that the hair grows back softer and the skin remains well hydrated and nourished.


This method is currently probably one of the most effective ways to remove hair and get long-lasting results. As we mentioned before, the hair regrowth depends on many factors and in fact, the law of many states in the USA prohibits the companies offering this treatment from advertising it as a method of permanent hair removal. It does, however, damage the majority of hair follicles and leaves very little to no hair after a series of properly performed treatments.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently – Best Home Remedies
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