How to Get Rid of Wasps: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Wasps - Best Home RemediesThere is nothing better than a nice, warm day spent in the fresh air. However, it can be easily spoilt by the presence of irritating or even aggressive wasps. In recent years a real invasion of wasps has been observed. That’s why it’s good to know some easy ways of getting rid of those nasty insects.

Get to Know Your Enemy

Wasps are exceptionally diverse type of insects as we can identify around 30,000 different species. They appear in almost all possible colors. The most common ones are in the shades of yellow and brown, but there are wasps which can be bright red or metallic blue.

Despite their diversity, we can identify three most common types of social wasps: paper wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. Paper wasps are the ones with longer bodies and legs. They build large and clearly visible nests, which look like an upside down umbrella. This type of wasps attacks only when they feel they are in danger, but their sting is very painful.

Yellow jackets can be easily identified as they have thick black antennae and shorter legs. They build papery-looking nests in enclosed spaces like wall crevices or cavities in the ground. Yellow jackets are able to sting multiple times and they often attack in swarms.

Hornets are the biggest kind of social wasps and they have white markings on their head and thorax. Some of them have brown and orange markings, they tend to build nests in tree trunks and wall cavities.

In scientific terms wasps belong to a group of insects in the order of Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita, which is something between an ant and a bee. Wasps are not picky when it comes to building a nest as they can do it almost everywhere, in your garden, at your home, in chimneys, between the bricks, in a broken panel or plank.

Wasps are really useful when it comes to natural pest control as they consume insects and flies. Recently, however, their colonies are getting bigger than ever. That’s the reason why wasps are more aggressive and hungry than ever too.

Scientist assume that the growing number of wasps is the result of climate changes. Normally those insects are expected to die off during cold winters, but as there aren’t many freezing days, they are able to survive.

The presence of wasps is problematic not only because they are very persistent in flying around and buzzing, but mainly because they can sting us, which may be very painful. Moreover, they might be very dangerous for those who are allergic to them.

If you want to keep wasps away or get rid of them, you can of course turn to chemical ways. You need to be aware, though, that sometimes it might be difficult and dangerous to manage a chemical treatment. Also, the chemicals might be harmful for your health, for your pets or the environment, and if you have kids, you should think twice before you use them.

Instead of using potentially hazardous chemicals, consider some natural, home ways of keeping the irritating wasps away or getting rid of them. Those solutions are considered to be as effective as chemical treatments.

Methods to Keep Wasps Away

Getting rid of wasps and their nests might cause some dangers and difficulties. That’s why it’s better to take some preventive measures and keep them away from our home and garden.

The first thing you need to remember about is not to leave any unwanted food or leftovers as wasps may be attracted by them. Products that are sweet, which contain nectar, but also perfumes or body creams, pet food and even bird food are attractive to those insects. Remember also to cover the trash cans.

You should also check the state of your property regularly and see if it requires any repairs. A broken panel or plank, a small hole in the roof, or any other crack are perfect places for wasps to build their nest there. Check if all the doors, windows, and screens at your home do not have any crevices so that wasps can’t fly in.

The same rules apply to your garden.  Walk around it from time to time and make sure that there aren’t any unwanted holes or burrows as they might become an ideal home for wasps. Fill all the holes you find with dirt so that the insects won’t be able to use it.

Another method to keep the wasps away from your territory is to purchase decorative wasp decoys. They look like fake wasp nests and they might be effective in case of paper wasps. They are quite territorial so if they see a nest hanging, they won’t build another one within the distance of 200 feet so if you place several decoys around your house, the wasps shouldn’t move in.

How to Get Rid of Wasps: Best Home Remedies
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