How to Get Rid of Wasps: Best Home Remedies

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Let the smoke rise for at least two hours, it will seep into the nest and suffocate the insects, which will be forced to evacuate. When you stop hearing any buzzing and you are sure that the nest is empty, distinguish the fire and knock the nest down with the use of a stick. Also, leave a spray bottle with dish soap and water nearby and use it in case any wasps remained.

4.     Apple Cider Vinegar and Jam for Killing Wasps

Vinegar is a solution to many problems and getting rid of wasps is one of them. It has strong smell, which appears to be attractive to those insects.

Prepare some container, for example a 2-litre plastic bottle with the cut top and fill it with water halfway. Add to the water ½ cup of apple cider vinegar and ¼ teaspoon of dish soap. Coat the neck with one tablespoon of jam.

Vinegar and jam will be a tempting treat for wasps so they will enter the trap eagerly. However, they will have difficulties with getting out and most of them will drown in the water. Empty the container every day and repeat the procedure three times a week to eliminate wasps fast.

You can also use white vinegar in the form of spray. Pour one cup of white vinegar and one cup of water into a spray bottle and sprinkle the mixture around your home or spray it on wasps when you notice them. If you do it on a regular basis, you should quickly get rid of wasps.

5.     Lemon and Cloves to Eliminate Wasps

Apparently, wasps don’t like the smell of lemon and cloves. We, on the other hand, love this scent so it’s a good idea to place them in the area where the wasps are present the most frequently.

Simply cut one lemon in half and put around ten cloves into each half of the lemon. Place them in a saucer and leave in a desired spot. Do it this way regularly and forget about wasps.

6.     Boric Acid for Wasps

Boric acid is a perfect solution for wasps and different types of pests and insects. Maybe it is a little bit more time-consuming method, but it is supposed to be very effective. It is especially useful when the access to the nest is difficult.

Fill in an empty detergent bottle with one or two cups of boric acid powder. Take a 1/8 inch drill bit and drill several holes in you wall around holes where you see wasp traffic. Now place the bottle in a position in which the tip faces the holes you drilled. Press the bottle and insert the acid into the holes.

The wasps should die in the contact with the boric acid. When you are sure that you eliminated all the wasps, seal the holes with some caulk. It will prevent future invasions of those insects.

7.     Chili Pepper to Repel Wasps

It is not clear why, but the studies have shown that wasps are not keen on chili peppers. All you need to prepare a powerful mixture is two chopped, spicy chili peppers, three cups of water, and a spray bottle.

Put the peppers in three cups of boiling water. Keep boiling for around three minutes and turn it off. Let the mixture cool for thirty minutes. Spray the liquid directly on wasps when you see them or spray it in the wasp-invaded spots. You will get rid of wasps fast if you follow the procedure regularly.

8.     Sliced Cucumber for Wasps Elimination

Maybe it sounds surprising, but something as simple and common as a cucumber might be useful in keeping wasps away. It’s because of the presence of acid in cucumbers that wasps aren’t fond of.

All you need to do is slice two cucumbers with a knife and place the slices in spots where the wasps are present. An acidic quality found in a cucumber should keep the wasps away.

9.     Cinnamon Powder to Get Rid of Wasps

It is probably one of the easiest and least expensive remedies for keeping wasps away. The reason why cinnamon powder is effective in the fight with wasps is the presence of eugenol oil. Apparently, wasps don’t like the smell of it.

Just sprinkle the wasp nests and other areas where wasps are present with cinnamon powder. Do it for at least 14 days and you should quickly forget about the problem.

10.  Baby Powder to Deal With Wasps

It might sound unbelievable but baby powder is also an effective remedy for wasps. It’s the presence of talc in baby powder that deters wasps.

It is enough to prepare just three to four tablespoons of baby powder or talcum powder and sprinkle it on areas where wasps appear the most frequently. If you do it daily, you should eliminate wasps fast.

11.  Bay Leaves to Keep Wasps Away

The main ingredient of bay leaves that keeps wasps away is the pungent scent. Apparently, wasps don’t like it. Other powerful ingredients are myrcene and eugenol, essential oils which also repel those insects. What’s more, bay leaves can be an effective method to fight cockroaches, fleas, and flies.

How to Get Rid of Wasps: Best Home Remedies
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