How to Get Rid Of White Patches On Skin Fast, Easy and Naturally

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How to Get Rid Of White Patches On Skin Fast, Easy and NaturallyA lot of people have already experienced white patches or spots skin condition at least once in their life. White spots can spread over your body; it makes you look strange, so all you want to do is to hide your white spots under the clothes. But what to do when your face is full of white dots?

You cannot cover your face of course. But what you can do is to try to found out what the problem is and how to get rid of it fast and easily. White spots on your skin can appear because of several different reasons.

Very often the real reason is not clear. Such skin condition, few or many of the white dots, can happen as a result of skin infection, allergy or more serious autoimmune disease. Sometimes even skin cancer can lead to white patches on your skin, but that not happen too often.

But most of the time white spots on your skin can appear as a result of too much sun exposure, because of the genetic predisposition, stressful life and deficiency in a vitamin B12.

Of course if white patches appear on your skin, if that appeared recently, if that make you worry you do not hesitate to visiting your family doctor to discuss a issue. It can be some kind of small problem, but sometimes white spots on your skin can be a manifest of some serious health problems.

Here you can find the most common reasons of white patches on your skin. You can read also about the best methods how to get rid of white spots easily and fast. Hope you will find one that will work the best for you.

What Causes White Patches On Skin?


This is quite common skin health condition. This is a situation that your skin loses melanocyte pigment that make white spots formation on your skin. It is a hereditary disease that can happen to anyone, no matter what your skin color is. The reason for vitiligo is still not known but most probably it is an autoimmune disease.

Vitiligo can affect skin on your face, hands and feet most of the time. How it looks like? The white patches on your skin can be really small or they spread over the body, taking quite big skin areas. You cannot feel or touch any difference in skin; it only lost its color and appears white. So what you can do about it?

It can be somehow helpful to use a sunscreen, use a dark foundation or concealing cream on white spots skin parts. But to find the best solution how to deal with particular type of vitiligo you should contact dermatologist or your family doctor.

Tinea Versicolor

This is one of the most popular reasons of white spots on your skin. Such white spots are caused by chronic yeast infection with Malassezia furfur fungi. Tinea versicolor is called also pityriasisversicolor. It begins with white, red and brown spots on your skin, spots can be lighter or darker than skin around. White spots are the most visible.

Even if that sounds serious, this infection can be easily treated by some medications that your doctor needs to prescribe you. This infection can look worse because of exposure to sunlight, hot air, humid weather, also oily skin and too much sweating can make a problem bigger.

Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis

It is another skin health condition that is responsible for white spots appearance. Commonly you can see 2 to 5 mm flat, white spots on your face, shins or forearms. That can happen for a people over the age of 40. And it is most common for people with a fair skin.

Pityriasis Alba

The name ‘Pityriasis Alba’ sounds not familiar. It is indeed a latin word and it means for white, scaly patches. This disease is common for children in age between 6 and 12 years old and especially for children with a dry skin.

It happens mostly during summer because of sun exposition, but the real cause of Pityriasis Alba is not known. It is very similar to eczema so it makes often difficulties to diagnose correctly at least at the beginning.

Generally it looks like a rash that appears on face, neck and arms. The patches are very small, oval or round and usually it is very dry. It varies in diameter between 1 to 2 inches. To treat pityriasis Alba you need to use good moisturizer to avoid skin dryness. Sometimes steroid creams are necessary. Of course you can help yourself a little bit by using sunscreen during sunny days.

Of course very often such white spots can appear on your skin because of completely different issues. It can happen because of too much UV rays you get in a tanning salon. It can happen also as an result of some skin damage.

Tanning salons

Maybe that sounds funny but indeed there are number of people that found white spots on their skin and realized that it because of too harsh rays in a tanning salons. It can happen especially for women that are using hormonal pills or other hormonal medications.

Skin damage

Of course skin damage can lead to appearing of the white patches. Skin damages can be various and be caused by many different reasons. It can be skin damage because of burns or some medical conditions, due to a laser hair removal or any infection. All of them can result in the skin white spots formation. Of course you should contact dermatologist and talk about your skin problem and how to get rid of it.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of White Patches On Skin Easily

White patches on your skin, especially face skin, can be very annoying. You don`t feel good when you see this kind of white spots. It can make you to have problems with your self confidence. Definitely you should do something with it.

How to Get Rid Of White Patches On Skin Fast, Easy and Naturally
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