How to Get Rid of Whiteheads: 13 Best Home Remedies

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Apple cider vinegar naturally balances the pH level of your skin while helping guard against harmful bacteria. The green tea is full of antioxidants and is also an anti-inflammatory that will help reduce the redness of your skin. This all-natural apple cider vinegar and green tea toner are truly one of the best you can use for whiteheads and blemish-prone skin.

4. Steam and Exfoliate Once a Week

Regular beauty routines are a must when it comes to getting rid of whiteheads and preventing their return. Setting aside one night a week to steam and then exfoliate your face is a must for reducing the appearance of whiteheads and keeping your skin beautiful.

Exfoliating your skin helps to remove the dead skin cells that clog your pores and is a great way to get rid of unsightly blemishes quickly and effectively. In order for exfoliation to work the best, it is recommended that you steam your face beforehand in order to open up your pores. This will make it easier to pull dirt out of your pores and keep your complexion smooth.

To steam your face simply heat water on the stove to a gentle boil. When it has come to just a boil, carefully remove it from the heat and place it on a table. Sit in front of the pot with a towel draped over your head and bend over the pot so your face is catching all the steam from the hot water. Do this for 5-10 minutes and then exfoliate your skin. You’ll find that your skin has never looked better.

5. Use a Clay Facial Mask

If whiteheads have made an unwelcomed appearance on your skin using clay mask can help considerably. A clay mask will help remove dead skin cells and tighten pores at the same time. Bentonite clay works the best for this as it has amazing power to open and clean up the pores, removes excess sebum, and contains healing properties that will speed up the time it takes for your whiteheads to go away.

To use a clay mask to help get rid of whiteheads and other blemishes, use it once a day for two weeks and then cut back to using the mask twice a week. You may notice that your skin gets worse before it gets better, but this just means that the clay is doing its job and clearing your skin of all that wanted dirt and bacteria.

6. Apply Moisturizer

Applying a moisturizer may seem like it is counteracting acne, but skin tends to become dried out with routine washing and toning no matter what skin type you have. Dry skin can be just as susceptible to whiteheads as oily skin, and it is important that you keep it moisturized. There are different moisturizers made specifically for different skin types, and finding one to fit your own unique skin is easy. Apply your moisturizer twice a day after cleansing and toning your skin.

7. Remove Make-Up Every Night

If you’re someone who wears make-up every day you’re probably familiar with skipping out on washing it off some nights. While twice a day face washing routine is highly recommended for everyone, it`s the cornerstone for those ladies who wear make-up every day. Make-up is responsible for clogging pores and greatly contributing to whiteheads, blackhead, and pimples.

This is especially true for teen-age girls who love to wear make-up and are going through hormonal changes. Make sure to remove make-up every night and follow with your natural toner and moisturizer. This will help prevent whiteheads and keep them from getting worse by keeping pores clean and your face fresh.

8. Keep Your Hair Clean

Keeping your hair clean may not seem like it has much to do with whiteheads and other impurities on your face, but is vital for clear and healthy skin. When our hair isn’t clean, the natural oils it produces run down onto our faces. This is one of the main causes of pimples, whiteheads, and other blemishes that most people are unaware of.

Make sure to wash your hair 3-4 times per week and be sure to wash your face every day. When you ensure that both your hair and your face are clean, you reduce the risk of forming whiteheads and are sure to have beautiful skin that is blemish free, not to mention clean and shiny hair. Your entire appearance will benefit from clean hair and a clean face.

9. Drink Water

Drink a lot of water

Drinking a lot of water is not only one of the best things you can do to keep your body healthy, but is also vital for glowing skin. Our skin is actually made up of about 70 percent water, so it only makes sense that we should be drinking a lot of it if we want our skin to be healthy and look its best.

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads: 13 Best Home Remedies
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