How to Get Rid of Wisdom Tooth Pain: 24 Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Wisdom Teeth Pain: 24 Best Home RemediesAnyone who’s gotten their wisdom teeth in knows just how painful it can be. There’s a reason we don’t remember teething as a baby…it hurts!

These “adult” teeth begin to emerge between the ages of 17-25 and can be the cause of some serious mouth pain. They begin forming somewhere around your tenth birthday and since they don’t erupt until you’re much older when you’re much “wiser” is the reason they’ve been nicknamed “wisdom teeth.”

Wisdom teeth are actually your third set of molars, which anthropologists believe were evolution’s response to our ancient ancestor’s diet. Roots, leaves, nuts, and tough meats needed extra chewing power, hence the third set of molars that developed to accompany their needs.

In today’s modern age where we can cook our food and use forks and knives, the use of our wisdom teeth has become pretty much non-existent. They’re actually now known as what’s called vestigial organs, body parts that have become useless because of evolution.

While some people never even get their wisdom teeth, those that do know how painful and uncomfortable their eruption can be. Some folks will only get one wisdom tooth that wants to poke through, and others can get all four that end up making a painful entrance.

Our jaws have become smaller through time and when wisdom teeth do come in, a lot of the times they end up becoming impacted by the other teeth that surround them. Sometimes they only partially erupt, leaving the area open to infection or bacterial growth.

Read more about wisdom tooth pain here

The problems with wisdom teeth don’t stop there. If wisdom teeth don’t end up breaking through the skin it can lead to other oral problems. Your permanent teeth may become crowded or displaced which leads to further problems down the road. Experts on oral health estimate that about 85% of people that get their wisdom teeth in will have to have them removed.

Before you can get to the dentist and finally get your wisdom teeth taken out, it’s more than likely you’ll be in a lot of pain. Fortunately, there are quite a few natural, home-remedies that will help immensely with wisdom tooth pain.

There is no need to rush down to your local drug store for some over-the-counter tooth pain relief when you can take care of the pain naturally with things you’ve already got at home. If you’re suffering from wisdom tooth pain, try any of the several home remedies listed below for some quick relief.

24 Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain

1. Warm Salt Water

Salt Water

Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of wisdom tooth pain. Take hot water and dissolve a few tablespoons of salt in it. When the salt water has cooled to a warm temperature, rinse your mouth with it for a few minutes and you will find noticeable relief.

2. Onion


If you can stand the taste, onions are a great natural remedy for wisdom tooth pain. Simply take one onion, cut it in half, and place it on the inside of the cheek where the tooth is that hurts. Leave it in your mouth as long as you can stand (up to 10-15 minutes) occasionally biting down on it to extract the juice. Although it may leave a strong, bitter taste in your mouth, it will greatly relieve your tooth pain.

3. Clove

Clove Oil

Clove is one of the oldest remedies for tooth pain there is. Long used by different cultures around the globe for relieving tooth pain, clove can’t be beaten. You can use a whole clove or clove oil. If using the whole clove, simply take it and place it on your painful wisdom tooth.

Don’t chew it or spit it out until your pain is completely gone. If you decide to use the oil instead, all you need to do is take a few drops and rub it directly onto your tooth and surrounding gums. You may use this method throughout the day to experience quick relief from uncomfortable wisdom tooth pain.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a must-have for those who take natural health care seriously. It has a number of different uses and will considerably clear up wisdom tooth pain. Take a few drops of tea tree oil and rub it directly onto the tooth and gums that hurt. You will find that it does wonders to relieve the pain associated with aching wisdom teeth.

5. Ice Pack

Ice Pack

Using an icepack on the side of your mouth that hurts because of emerging and irritated wisdom teeth is an easy way to relieve inflammation and pain. Try icing for 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off until the pain subsides. Use this method as many times you desire throughout the day for extended pain relief.

6. Peppermint


How to Get Rid of Wisdom Tooth Pain: 24 Best Home Remedies
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  1. Thank you for the information. I have used several things in the article (like warm salt water and apple cider vinegar). It soothes the pain, luckily. Well, wisdom tooth pain is really a hell. I couldn't eat properly for days :'(

  2. Thank you, I'm going to try a couple of those if I have them here. I can't stand to see my kids in any pain.

  3. Thanks, for helpful information. I can't sleep whole night until morning when i tried these remedies and i get great result.

  4. I have a wisdom tooth impacted in my gum 1 growing sideways and 1 growing down into my jaw bone. I'm on my second course of antibiotics, also the dentist wants to avoid referring me to the MFU has she considers it would be a very difficult operation.
    I now have a abcess! I'm in agony any advice please

    1. I know this is a somewhat old comment. I just wanted to say, I hope you're better… I had a dentist awhile back that said the same. After months of agony I got so bad I hadn't slept in days. I saw an emergency dentist who told me it NEEDED to come out. It immediately was better after, even the healing pain was less awful than the impacted tooth. I hope you see a new dentist, it sounds like this dentist doesn't actually have YOUR best interest at heart.

  5. I am suffering pain from eruption of wisdom tooth for for a couple of days already.. Ive been taking mefenamic and yesterday i took 4 tablets but it doesnt even lessen the pain…. Until last night i didnt hav better sleep cause it really hurts. I cant even eat.. I just got read ur article ths morning and i tried a while ago the salt water and onion and now i am feeling much much better thank u for ths remedies…

    1. I find a couple things in fact been up since 2 take hot rad our of microwave hot as can stand ..wash my mouthnwirh strait apple cider vinegar…listerine…..bc powder directly on the rooth

  6. Thanks i couldn't sleep because i was in so.much pain…did the warm salt water and now i can't rest ?sher

  7. I must last night, I was struggling with my wisdom toothache and my prescripton painkilers was not helping so I turned to the internet and came across this site.
    I have tried the following below,;
    Tea tree oil
    Tea bag
    Saltwater as a gargle
    This realky works Last night was the only night I seplt through with no pain whatsoever.

    So thumbs up to you.??

  8. Tea Tree Oil dabbed onto the surrounding gums and teeth, within 5 minutes the throbbing was much much much less intense.

  9. For The Salt Water Remedy I Am Going To Find Out That I Am Feeling Better Or Not Because I Had No Health Insurance And No Dental Insurance

    1. Yes,it is normal.Generally wisdom teeth comes out between ages 18 to 21 .For some people it appears early or may not appear at all. If you experience a lot of pain do visit your dentist

  10. 33 last wisdom tooth coming through, due for extraction in a months time as that is the first appointment my dentist could give me.

    Prescription not relieving any of the pain and the pain is relentless and constant.

    People who have never had wisdom teeth you don't know how lucky you are its excruciating in terms of pain.

  11. It is 11:50p.m. and I had none of the remedies on here the only thing going I could do to stop pain for a few minutes was taking cold sprite and tilting my head back until it was warm it's something to do with the carbonation I guess because I only drink water. But I have finally realized I Chad chewy peppermints and I chewed them up into a paste like thing and pushed it down around the gum until it devolved and I can finally see straight again

  12. I had very cold milk and put it on the side that the wisdom tooth is on that it hurting and it froze that area and the pain went away but only for about 15 mins

  13. Let me tell you that if you have an impacted wisdom tooth and or crowding you have very little options, in my case the wisdom tooth angled against my 2nd molar pushing it and digging on it until almost reached the nerve, consequently I had to get both the wisdom and 2nd molar removed. I was in serious pain and none of the remedies or pain medication where doing a dammed thing to help ease the pain, my advice go to your dentist asap. I found mines open Saturday on Thanksgiving weekend and on walk in patient. It cost $450.00 for exam, x-rays one simple extraction and one impacted surgically removed I didn't have all the money but my dentist worked on it and agreed to bill me payments, if you are in serious pain don't waste your time like I did with all this B.S home remedies if you immediate and guaranteed relief go get them pulled out.

  14. I have been having really bad tooth ache on the lower left on my gums right at the back I made a dentist appointment for this morning and I tried cold banana milkshake and its working really well just take a mouthful and leave it on the tooth it hurts hope this helps

  15. I tried the warm water and salt and it was really cool I slept and woke up and after a while the pain was gone.thanks alot

  16. Salt water didn't work, oil didn't work, ice didn't work, apple sides vinegar didn't work and tree tree oil didn't work so tired just wana sleep

  17. My wisdom tooth really growing in been in pain all day can't go to sleep tried warm water salt now clover hopefully it works

  18. I tried salt water and although that's great for cleaning the area it didn't do much for taking away pain, I kept reading other options and realized I had clove oil and that worked in about 5 mins. I'd say on a scale of 1-10 taking the pain from a 4 to 1. Just mild discomfort now. I think I should be able to get back to sleep! My only suggestion is to apply the clove oil to a cotton swab and apply it to the gums using that as I used my finger and had the rest of my mouth burning (until it made everything numb, that is!)

  19. I just tried garlic and sea salt directly in the affected area in the wisdom tooth and the pain is subsiding that's a great antibiotic natural no chemicalized ingredients feel so much better

  20. I'm with this pain since Saturday night I took as much tablets To ease the pain put didn't help I tried the baking soda and toothpaste and it give me an instant relief.Thank you

  21. I think I've got a cavity pain and the cloves and a warm compress are working! Emergency dentist appointment in the morning for me.

  22. Hi there can anyone help me please my wisdom tooth has been rotting and all I got left is the root but my gum has covered the hole up and am getting a lot of pain there been hospital and can't take it out

  23. Been alternating onion directly on tooth and water with salt (Epsom and sea), finally got enough relief to be able to think straight. Thank u very much for your post. 🙂

  24. Hello I just turned 30 and my last wisdom tooth started coming in two days ago .. ibpurfin 800 mg works good for me but takes awhile to kick in.. but ICE ON THE AREA OR DRINK A SLURPEE/ICEE OMG! IT SOOTHES THE PAIN AND IT GOES AWAY … But comes back later if I drink coffee or eat & don't keep my mouth rinsed out .. brushing my teeth and rinsing with mouth wash .. if simple remedies are not working for you .. you most like should goto the dentist because you don't want to ruin your other teeth or jaw line from possible infection or cyst .

  25. I tried a whole clove against the offending tooth. Worked almost instantaneously. Still a little tender, but took away the throbbing pain and can now get back to sleep.

  26. This is my second day of pain.. All I do so far is taking some advil .I had to wait like 20 minutes for the advil to start kick in..will try apple cider the peppermint an also the warm water an salt.. Thanks for the tips.. Will let you know if any helps.

  27. I only have the salt water remedy, which cleanses but doesn't fully relieve pain, olive oil, and vanilla at home. I didn't see that anyone tried those methods? In just feeling weird about putting olive oil into my ear….haha any thoughts?

    1. The olive oil in the ear is brilliant for ear ache but because the mouth and the ears are connected it will help southe the pain in the jaw. I suffer really bad with my wisdom tooth and get constant ear and headache so when I use the hot olive oil from a local pharmacy it does seem to southe the pain

  28. Can u use peperment gum or breath mints? i have them 2 and thats it and can u make clove oil by combining ground clove and regular oil?

  29. Wisdom tooth pain is horrible, especially when you work on phones purely for the fact I don’t want to speak with this pain in my mouth. I don’t know if you can tell but I’ve been up all night with the pain and the stress effecting my mood massively. Nevertheless use warm salt water. Yeah the pains still there but it’s made my life a little bit more bearable at the minute.

  30. I’m over 50.. In the last two years…I have three wisdom teeth that have cut through my gums. I have my last one that is so painful it wont cut through… Mu upper left side is swollen and the upper left side of the roof of my mouth is swollen. Imagine over 50 and still getting wisdom teeth. I’m going to try to salt and water for inflammation. Anyone have any other remedies? extraction is not a option for me.

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