How to Get Straight Hair Naturally – Best Home Remedies

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Gentle Beauty Products

The hair care market offers a wide range of straightening products and many of them do a great job, but you need to make sure you choose them with care. Always check the list of ingredients and make sure the majority of them are natural substances.

If you choose a product that contains a high level of alcohol – in which case it will be listed as one of the first ingredients on the list – a prolonged use can dry out and damage the hair. Products containing a high level of harsh chemicals can also cause an allergic reaction, scalp problems or even hair loss.

If you already have a straightening product that contains alcohol, make sure you moisturise the hair after each treatment so that it regains the balance. Your best bet will be leave-in serums and conditioners, preferably based on natural, organic ingredients.

Ion-generating Blow Dryer

If you use the hair dryer on a daily basis and want to achieve a smooth look, you should choose the type of blow dryer that generates ionised air. This prevents your hair from freezing and lets you tame the waves and curls. Ion-generating hair dryers are not much more expensive than the regular ones and the ion option can be switched on and off, depending on the type of hairstyle you are aiming for.

Flat Iron

If you are addicted to your flat iron and you can’t imagine styling your hair without the help of your favourite hair device, then you must remember to protect your hair from the heat. Obviously, flat irons give you instant results, but at the same time, they damage the hair.

It is perfectly fine to use it once every few days, but the hair exposed to high heat on a daily basis will become dry and weak and eventually will start curling even more. Buy a spray or conditioner that you will apply on your hair every time you use the flat iron. Also, once or twice a week replenish the moisture in the hair by applying a home-made hair mask, for example, one based on avocado or milk.

Salon Treatments

If you have no time for home treatments, then you can consider a special hair-straightening treatment in a hair salon. That kind of treatment is usually based on keratin and give instant and long-lasting effects. The hairdresser applies the keratin product on your hair and locks it in with heat – either using the hair dryer or the flat iron.

Remember that after the treatment you can’t wash your hair for two days, so make sure you plan the whole thing well and not get caught up in the middle of the week with greasy hair. Depending on the individual structure of the hair, the results might be visible up to 2 to 3 months and hairdressers claim that even if you hair is naturally curly, after the treatment you can walk in the rain and it will remain straight.

It also saves half of the styling time before you go out from home. If you decide to get the treatment done, just make sure you do it in a recommended salon, where they use products of a high quality.

How to Get Straight Hair Naturally – Best Home Remedies
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