How to Make a DIY/Homemade Pregnancy Test: Best Home Remedies

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How to Make a DIY Home Pregnancy Test: 9 Best Home RemediesWomen have been having babies since time began, and without the advent of modern medicine, there had to still be ways to tell if one was expecting. While missed menses was a sure sign, there were other methods that women in past times to find out if they were pregnant.

These natural methods have withstood thousands of years, and the accuracy they provide is just as precise as modern methods such as an at-home kit or trip to the doctor.

In days past, doctors were used to treating illness rather than test for pregnancy. In these times, women were still faced with natural methods that had been passed down generation after generation. As time passed, doctors became the preferred way to test for pregnancy, and there was many a woman who faced the question of whether or not to go to the doctor to get a pregnancy test or simply use traditional methods.

Fast forward to the invention of the at-home pregnancy test, and this became the best-known method to test for pregnancy at home.

There are, however, woman that don’t feel comfortable going to a doctor’s office and feel they cannot go to the store to buy an over-the-counter pregnancy test. Some women may be too shy, too young, or feel uncomfortable in the public eye. Whatever the case may be, any woman who doesn’t feel comfortable or does not have the means to purchase a pregnancy test may perform a pregnancy test at home with natural methods to find out if they’re expecting.

It’s important to keep in mind that woman have had varying degrees of success with the following methods of testing for a pregnancy at home. If there is any question after using any of the following methods, it is wise to seek the help of a doctor or purchase an over-the-counter pregnancy test. In more cases than not, however, the following methods of pregnancy testing have proven successful for countless women over the years.

9 Methods for Making an At-Home Pregnancy Test

1. Dandelion Leaves

The dandelion method has been used for hundreds of thousands of years and was a very popular method in ancient times to test for pregnancy. This method is simple and provides results quickly and effectively. To test for pregnancy using this popular method used for thousands of years, all that is needed is the leaves from the dandelion flower. The leaves should be cut cleanly off the plant and placed in a sterile plastic container.

Do not let the leaves come in contact with direct sunlight after you have cut them or placed them in the plastic vessel. This will make the test less effective and may cause false results. Once the leaves are in the plastic container, the woman should urinate directly on the leaves, preferably in the morning, and let them become completely saturated. After 10 minutes, the leaves should be checked. If there are red blisters that have formed on the leaves, this is a positive pregnancy result.

2. Bleach Indicator

The bleach indicator test is probably one of the most effective methods of testing for a pregnancy at home. This test is extremely easy and provides some of the best results known. To test for pregnancy using bleach, simply collect the first urine of the day and add a couple of tablespoons of bleaching powder to it. If you are indeed pregnant, the urine will start to pretty much immediately fizz and foam. If there is no reaction, you are more than likely not expecting a baby.

3. Collected Urine

The urine in the body changes considerably when pregnant, and some woman swear that simply collecting urine and looking for changes will be enough to tell if you’re pregnant. All that is necessary to do this do-it-yourself home pregnancy test is a container to put the urine in.

A bottle would work best, as will the first urine of the morning. Let the urine sit for 3-4 hours. After this time if a white film forms on the surface of the collected urine, this is probably a good indication that there is a positive pregnancy.

4. Toothpaste

Yes, toothpaste can actually be used as a home pregnancy test. If you care to use this tested method, white toothpaste is what provides results. All you need to do is add a few drops of your morning urine to a bit of white toothpaste. If the toothpaste turns frothy or blue in color after a bit of time, the chances that you are pregnant are pretty high.

5. Mustard Seed Powder

Nature provides a number of ways to treat many ailments and mustard seed is just one of nature’s miracles that happens to help test for pregnancy at home. Mustard seed powder is one of the best known methods for late or skipped periods and has been used for hundreds of years for this very matter.

How to Make a DIY/Homemade Pregnancy Test: Best Home Remedies
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  1. I am 33 yo & I have been ttc after two miscarriages. I read up about the DIY at home pregnancy test(s) & decided to try. I did the bleach test five time & the pine sol test twice. In the bleach test, there was immediate fizz & foam, all five times. W/ the pine sol test, the color changed from robust Amber to a slight off reddish brown. Please help me. I've read that when the bleach foams you are definitely preggers and w/ pine, if it changes color you are definitely preggers. Am I pregnant?

  2. Im 15 years old and i couldnt immediatly go to the store and pick up one so i came online & saw the methods i did the bleach twice and it fizzed up too the top both times and i did the tooth paste once and it got a blueish greenish color , i think im pregnant?

  3. I tried the sitting urine test, it was clear when i peed and hours later there was a white foam in it, but not just on the top, it looked sunken in too…

  4. i'm 15 years old and i did the leach test 3 times. the first time it fizzed a bit but that was it. the other two times it didn't fizz but it made small bubbles appearing on the inside walls and bottom of the cup. thoughts?

  5. I'm 21 yes old and this is my first time trying the home remedies and I have two kids already but I'm trying the tooth paste one and I just want to know am I suppose to stir the pee with the rouge paste or just put a drop off toothe paste in and let it sit

  6. So im 22 and am going to try a few of these, been having odd symptoms that heavily remind me of my last pregnancy. Ill keep everyone updated to see if it works. 🙂

  7. I'm 14 years old and tried most of the tests. But I had sex with 3 different guys before I performed some of them. Will it still show up?

  8. Hi I am 15 years old and I can't get a pregnancy test at the store so i came here. I haven't tried any of these yet which one would be most accurate

  9. Hi. Im 14 years old turning 15 this march? I use to have sex with my boyfriend many times and i didnt get pregnant because he do the pull out method but yesterday he told me that he didnt sure if he pull out his penis earlier. Is there a possibility that i may got pregnant? I cant buy pregnancy test. Im so shy. Anybody? Can help me pls :'( im not ready. I have many dreams.

  10. Hate to judge but ya'll 14 years olds having sex should be ashamed…talking about ya'll shy and cant go buy a pregnancy test.! If you can have sex you aint too shy, now are you? Now you talking bout you scared and stuff! SMH.

  11. I'm 18 and I want to see if I'm pregnant by myself before me and my boyfriend go to the hospital what method should I use

  12. I did the bleach test, so I decided to wait 10 minutes like it said because I didnt want to mess it up. When I came back, the whole top was covered with foam. Is there a possibly of this being incorrect, what is the precent rate of this method working?

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