How to Prepone or Postpone Periods: Best Home Remedies

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How to Prepone or Postpone Periods: Best Home RemediesIf there is one thing women can be certain of, it’s getting their periods every month. On a regular menstrual schedule, women can expect to get her period every twenty-eight days or so.

While having a regular schedule has its benefits, there are times when a woman might want her period to come a little earlier or show up a little later.

Do you have a beach holiday planned that coincides right with your monthly cycle?

Nothing can ruin a coastal vacation more than having to deal with your period. Not only can your periods be messy, but they can also interfere with the numerous exciting activities a trip to paradise has to offer. Wearing a bathing suit may be out of the question for some, and bad cramps don’t exactly bring ample opportunity for relaxing in the sun.

Many women that are attending weddings also look for ways to pre-pone or postpone their periods. Whether you’re the bride to be, part of the wedding party, or simply a guest, a wedding is no time to have your period. Putting off your period for a later date, or making it come a bit earlier than expected is something a lot of women attending a wedding or some other big soiree end up doing.

Perhaps you’ve got a big business meeting or proposal the very day your period is scheduled to arrive. If you experience any of the uncomfortable symptoms a period can bring, you may want to postpone your period. Giving a presentation or sitting in on a long meeting can become distressing when you’re hit with cramps, lower back pain, and heavy bleeding. Postponing your period can greatly add to the success of your next big business meeting.

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to delay or jumpstart your period, there are many different ways you can do so. While there are some pills that will help bring on or delay menses, they are often wrought with harmful side effects. There are, however, many home remedies that will help pre-pone or postpone your period without the need to risk your health. The next time you need to change your regular cycle, try any of the following home remedies and lifestyle changes. You may be astonished at just how well they work.

6 Home Remedies for Preponing your Period

If you’re expecting your period and know life would run much smoother if it would just come a little earlier than expected, try any of the following to get your period sooner than expected.

1. Drink Pomegranate Juice

An intricate part of nature’s system for treating illness and instilling excellent health, pomegranate is a fruit containing an extremely high amount of antioxidants. This bright red fruit is also known to bring on your period sooner than expected. To use pomegranate to prepone your period, drink pomegranate juice three times a day a couple of days before you want to start your period. You may also drink pomegranate juice mixed with sugarcane juice four times a day to bring on your period early.

2. Much on Carrots


Eating fresh carrots or drinking a cup of fresh carrot juice 2-3 times a day is a wonderful way to bring on your period sooner than expected. Carrots contain high amounts of carotene, which encourages the production of estrogen. The more estrogen you have in your body, the more your period desires to arrive. Pumpkin is also an excellent source of carotene and is often eaten with a bit of honey and cinnamon to please the pallet. Whatever source of carotene you choose, you can be sure it will bring your period on before you’re expecting it.

3. Eat Some Papaya


Papaya is another food that contains carotene and is also one of the best home remedies for proponing your period. Not only does it stimulate estrogen, but it also generates excess heat in your body, helping to quicken the time your menses arrives. Papaya is excellent with a squeeze or two of fresh lime, which will also give you a healthy dose of vitamin C. The next time you want your period to arrive early, you may want to try this tested method before any other.

4. Prepare A Pineapple

pineapple juice

Like papaya, pineapple is another tropical fruit that generates the body heat needed to start your period earlier than expected. Pineapple has worked for thousands of women that for whatever reason need to prepone their periods. It is especially effective when eaten in large quantities. You may want to consider making a pineapple and papaya fruit salad to further ensure your period comes when you need it to.

5. Try Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds and oil

Need to bring on your period quickly? Try sesame seeds. These tiny seeds have been known to help start an early menses, and are an excellent source of some essential vitamins and minerals. In order for sesame seeds to be effective, you should mix a couple of teaspoons with hot water twice a day, fifteen days before your period is due to start. Following this simple formula will help you successfully experience early menstruation. It is important that they are mixed with hot water, as this works more effectively than sesame seeds alone.

6. Turmeric Tea Twice Each Day


How to Prepone or Postpone Periods: Best Home Remedies
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  1. Thanks to the author of this article. I enjoyed reading it and it has added knowledge to me about pre-poning and post-poning a women's monthly period.

  2. I've never hear of women from cultures that eat spicy food for every meal having wildly unpredictable periods. Wouldn't multiple spicy meals daily leave you with problems if it really worked like that?

  3. Parsley tea helps bring on a late period or bring it on early. I've been using parsley to bring it on early for years.

  4. Has anyone tried any of these methods? I just need to start my period literally a day or two before its due (10th).

  5. I just started taking at least a tsp of ACV (combined with honey) a week ago right before bedtime. I had all the symptoms of a period last Tuesday and all the signs were there — the headache, the heavy feeling in lower abdomen, the fatigue, etc. — and shockingly it did not happen! It was purely coincidence that I started taking ACV that evening to help with digestion. Still waiting for it nearly a week later and now I'm nervous that I delayed it too much since I'm going on a family vacation soon lol.

    1. I'm on day 2 of vinegar water and I just really hope it works, I'm supposed to be getting mine this weekend but I have plans 😉 As disgusting as it tastes, if this works I will be surprised

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