How to Prepone or Postpone Periods: Best Home Remedies

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While it isn’t advisable to make these changes to your body, there are times when it may be absolutely necessary. There are numerous reasons a woman may want to change her natural cycle, and some of them may be very personal. Its no matter of the reason, but what is of vital importance is that it is done in a safe and healthy way.

Nature does truly provide everything we need for anything we can think of, and when it comes to our health, nothing could be closer to the truth. Any of the home remedies listed here will work to prepone or postpone your period, and if you feel you must do so, take caution by doing it in all-natural ways.

To further enhance the results of propelling or postponing your period, you may want to combine some of the above-mentioned methods for faster results. For example, if you need your period to start in a hurry, try drinking three to four glasses of carrot juice a day and snack on ample amounts of papaya and pineapple.

Want to postpone your period? Don’t opt for parsley tea alone! On top of drinking this tea three or four times a day, add an apple cider vinegar mixed with mineral water into your routine and you will see your period definitely come at a later time than you’ve expected. Whatever method you choose to use, just make sure you are safe.

How to Prepone or Postpone Periods: Best Home Remedies
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  1. Thanks to the author of this article. I enjoyed reading it and it has added knowledge to me about pre-poning and post-poning a women's monthly period.

  2. I've never hear of women from cultures that eat spicy food for every meal having wildly unpredictable periods. Wouldn't multiple spicy meals daily leave you with problems if it really worked like that?

  3. Parsley tea helps bring on a late period or bring it on early. I've been using parsley to bring it on early for years.

  4. Has anyone tried any of these methods? I just need to start my period literally a day or two before its due (10th).

  5. I just started taking at least a tsp of ACV (combined with honey) a week ago right before bedtime. I had all the symptoms of a period last Tuesday and all the signs were there — the headache, the heavy feeling in lower abdomen, the fatigue, etc. — and shockingly it did not happen! It was purely coincidence that I started taking ACV that evening to help with digestion. Still waiting for it nearly a week later and now I'm nervous that I delayed it too much since I'm going on a family vacation soon lol.

    1. I'm on day 2 of vinegar water and I just really hope it works, I'm supposed to be getting mine this weekend but I have plans 😉 As disgusting as it tastes, if this works I will be surprised

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