How to Prevent and Cure Inflamed Vagina: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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How to Prevent and Cure Inflamed Vagina: Causes, Symptoms and TreatmentInflamed vagina, or vaginitis, can occur in both girls and women of all ages. This uncomfortable condition is caused by a chemical imbalance in the vagina causing the lining of the vagina to become swollen, inflamed, and sometimes painful.

Inflammation of the vagina is completely curable and there are many great home remedies that will offer just as good results as over the counter medications.

Many women prefer to take a holistic approach to their health. Knowing what home remedies work the best for an inflamed vagina is extremely important to these women, and anyone with an inflamed vagina can take comfort in the fact that it can be easily treated and prevented at home with natural remedies.


The inflamed vagina is caused by a number of different reasons. Some of them include:
• Hormonal Changes
• Improper Hygiene
• Yeast Infections
• Changes in the pH Balance of the Vagina
• Tampons
• Condoms that Came off During Intercourse
• Clothes that are too Tight
• Douches, Lubricants, Feminine Hygiene Products
• STDs (Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes)
• Bacterial Infection


The inflamed vagina is uncomfortable and a very unpleasant situation. There are general symptoms caused by irritants that are pretty minor, yet in more serious causes symptoms will be much more severe.
• Itching
• Odor
• Irritation
• White Discharge
• Itching and Burning During Sex
• Yellow-Green Discharge
• Swollen and Red Labia

7 Easy Homemade Remedies to Cure Inflamed Vagina

1. Yogurt

Yogurt contains probiotics that will kill the harmful bacteria and replace beneficial bacteria in the vagina. It can be taken both internally and externally. Consuming two cups of yogurt a day will greatly reduce symptoms of the inflamed vagina as well as prevent the inflamed vagina from occurring.

Yogurt can also be taken internally by applying fresh yogurt into the vagina every couple of hours. This method will provide very beneficial results.

2. Garlic

Garlic is a powerful one of nature’s resources that greatly promotes immune health. It helps fight infections and has long been used as a natural healing aid for many different conditions. Garlic used for treating inflamed vagina is super beneficial, and like yogurt can be taken both internally and externally.

If you take garlic for inflamed vagina in a supplement, 300mg is recommended each day. You can also get the same results by chewing and swallowing 3-4 raw cloves. To take garlic internally, a few cloves should be smashed to make a paste and spread inside the vagina.

3. Chamomile Tea Bags

Chamomile has antiseptic properties and is also extremely soothing for symptoms of the inflamed vagina. This method is used internally and will provide excellent results. Soak one chamomile tea bag inside a glass of hot water for a few moments, remove, and let completely cool. Place the bag inside the vagina and squeeze the bag so the chamomile teas can penetrate inside the vagina. This should be done every day for two weeks, and you will see symptoms greatly improve.

4. Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is great to use if inflamed vagina is caused by a yeast infection. It has antifungal properties that will help to greatly reduce symptoms of the inflamed vagina caused by a fungal infection. 500mg of oregano oil taken twice a day until symptoms improve is recommended.

5. Echinacea

Echinacea is known as a powerful remedy for fighting colds and flu, but did you also know that it is great for treating inflamed vagina? The immune boosting properties of Echinacea will speed up your healing process. 500mg of Echinacea four times a day is recommended for severe cases of the inflamed vagina.

6. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also great for immune health and should be seriously considered as part of a holistic approach to treating inflamed vagina. 1000mg of vitamin C taken four times a day is recommended to fight infections faster. Including more vitamin C rich foods in your diet is also very beneficial.

7. Milk and Turmeric

Turmeric has been used in Ayurveda medicine for thousands of years. It is great at fighting infections and should be taken to treat inflamed vagina. Adding one teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of milk and drinking twice a day should show a remarkable improvement in symptoms of the inflamed vagina.

4 Easy Homemade Recipes to Prevent Inflamed Vagina

1. Wear Cotton Underwear

Bacteria and yeast tend to grow in moist places. Wearing cotton underwear can help this and can keep bacteria from spreading. Cotton helps to keep the vaginal area dry, unlike synthetic fabrics that do not absorb sweat and moisture. If you are prone to the inflamed vagina, you may want to consider changing your cotton underwear twice a day to reduce the likelihood of developing more symptoms. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent inflamed vagina.

2. Don’t Douche

In years past, douching was a very popular method for keeping the vagina clean. While intentions here were good, douching actually disrupts the pH balance of the vagina making it more prone to inflammation and infection. Regular bathing is good enough to keep the vagina clean, and mild soap and water are all that are needed to keep the vagina clean. Just proper hygiene.

3. Wipe From Front to Back

This is an easy way to prevent inflamed vagina. After using the bathroom to relieve yourself, always remember to wipe from the front of the vagina to the back. Doing so will ensure that there is no fecal bacteria spread into the vaginal area. This is an easy habit to get into and will do a great job at preventing inflamed vagina.

4. Avoid Irritants

There are a number of different things that can cause irritation to the vagina that results in infection and inflamed vagina. Feminine creams and sprays are culprits of causing inflamed vagina and aren’t even necessary in the first place. Tampons can also cause inflamed vagina and should either be avoided altogether or changed at least every couple hours. Scented pads may also cause inflamed vagina, as will toilet paper with scent added to it.

How to Prevent and Cure Inflamed Vagina: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
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  1. I burnt my vulva with bad chemicals from zote laundry detergent and aloe vera made it worse. I don't. feel like the pain is getting better. What can I do to take the pain down. How do I know if it is. third degree burn or not.

    1. I'm a doctor and there are rules about when a burn is severe enough to go to hospital!
      If the burn is bigger than palm of patients hand.
      If it is a chemical or electrical burn. Chemical burns because the main treatment of burns is to run it under cold water, however this is not a good idea with a chemical burn as you may be unsure how the chemical will react with water and could make the burn worse. Electrical because there is often internal damage as well as the burns because electrical burns occur on the entree and exit points of the electrical charge.
      If muscle or bone is viable or it is a third degree burn (You can normal tell by the pain… All burns hurt but Third degree will puss, sometimes green, a lot. They both look and feel really nasty and very very painful.)
      And the other main reason to go to hospital is if the burn is on the face or genitals!!!
      It is not about making the pain stop I'm afraid, A burn there will be sore no matter what you put on it. But your best bet is to go to hospital or GP and get it checked out to make sure you don't have any lasting damage that could have been avoidable.
      I know you posted this a couple of months ago, so I hope you did get it checked out, even though it can be a bit embarrassing.

      1. I have a question about a issue I been dealing with can ur pH balance cause u to be inflammed and irrated down there plus be very painful obgyn had me start birth control and take a probiotic to see if that helps but I was looking for a second opinion please help

  2. Havent had sex. I think i might have bacterial vaginos but like 1 week ago my labia started getting itchy so i kept scratching, and i looked at it today. The labia was swollen it was red at the top but the rest was black as usual and it hurt. I have been using vagicaine because i had severe itching but it was not helping. The white smelly discharge hasnt gone away and now my labia has gotten inflammed. It hurts and i just wanna take off all my clothes because my clothes are rubbing against it and keeps bothering it. What should i do and how should i treat it.

  3. My left labia is swollen.its nt painful.but I have itching in my clitoris.i am on on some antibiotics and some infection drugs.i use cream on it yet the swollen doesn't come down.and I have missed my period for 3 days now.i took a pregnancy test BT it's negative.i dnt knw if it's the drugs that's affecting my cycle.i really need the inflammation to go down please.what should I do

  4. Someone help !! I Have very bad inflammation and burning !! I just discovered this today I can feel it all the way up my birth canal is all inflamed what should I do ?

  5. I found out today that my vag was inflamed after having sex now I'm in pain what should I do ?

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