How to Quickly Heal Cracked Feet: Treatment and Home Remedies

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One tablespoon oatmeal and one tablespoon of olive oil (almond also works great) should be mixed together to form a paste. This paste should be applied to the affected areas of the foot and then rinsed after about a half hour. Dong this a few times a week will help to heal dry, cracked feet quickly and make your feet look and feel amazing.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, and Rice Flour Scrub

This is a great way to treat and heal cracked feet. Combine three teaspoons of each apple cider vinegar, honey, and rice flour. Mix this together to form a thick paste. Soak your feet for twenty minutes in warm water, dry completely, and apply this paste. For best results, cover with socks and let work overnight. You can rinse it off in the morning and should see a difference after a few days of this easy at-home method.

How to Quickly Heal Cracked Feet: Treatment and Home Remedies
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  1. I have this problem for many years, I get pedicures every two weeks in the winter months and once a week in warmer months, I am continually massaging creams treatments etc on my feet and nothing works. I am a hairstylist and it requires me to stand 12-14 daily…

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