How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally & Fast at Home

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Training Outside

Training outside
If you don’t like indoor activities and prefer to do some exercises out in the fresh air, you can go waling, hiking, climbing, cycling or swimming in the sea. The possibilities are endless. The most important thing is to increase the heart rate, which will boost the metabolism and will trigger the fat-burning processes in the entire body.


Push ups
The more you focus your training on the chest, the faster you will reduce the size of your breasts. Push ups may seem like a typically manly exercise that helps develop strong biceps, but in fact they are one of the most effective exercises you should do when you want to burn the fat in the chest and maintain the breasts healthy and perky. After all, their shape depends largely on the muscles that support them.

Lie down on the floor, face down. Support your straight legs on the toes and place your hands on the floor, a few inches away from the body. Lift the weight of the upper body on the arms by straightening the elbows and going up. Go back to the initial position, but don’t let your body rest on the floor. Instead, hold it three inches above the floor level for two seconds and go up again. Repeat as many times as you can at the beginning. It’s not an easy exercise for someone who normally doesn’t work the arms out. Don’t get discouraged, however and try to reach a small target, like for example 15 push-ups in a row. Once it’s possible, do three series of 15 push-ups each. Don’t overdo them because you don’t want to develop very strong triceps and biceps.


Another great exercise that will help you reduce the fatty tissue in the breasts is the famous plank. This exercise not only strengthens the chest, but also the back and the arms, so you get multiple benefits from just one, seemingly simple exercise.

Lie down on the floor, face down. Support your upper body on the forearms placed on the floor, along your body. Your legs should be supported on the toes. Ant that’s it. Hole the position for as long as you can. Easy as it may seem, this exercise poses serious difficulties to those who have neglected certain muscle groups as it affects, the back, the chest, the arm and the abdominals. Do the plank every day and try to hold the position three to four times, at least a minute in each take.

Light Weights Lifting

Light Weights Lifting
Just like in the case of push-ups, lifting weights is often associated with building large muscles. It is true if you lift heavy weights, but if you choose a lighter version of the exercise and do more repetitions, you will burn the fat from your chest, breasts and arms very fast. Start with two weights of 1.5 kg each. You can even take two bottles of water, just make sure they actually have exactly the same weight. Stand straight, with your legs slightly apart and your arms along your body. Keep the arms straight and lift them to the level of your shoulders. Keep them in this position for three seconds, then bring them down again. Do 15 repetitions, rest for a minute and do two more rounds, 15 reps each. This exercise strengthens the muscles in your chest and helps speeds up the fat burning process in this area. Incorporate light weights lifting in your daily workout routine and you will notice a change in the size and the shape of your breasts after just two weeks.


If you want to boost the metabolism from the inside, you can use ginger to achieve good results. Ginger is recommended by many nutritionists to people who are struggling with extra pounds. You can use ginger in various forms.

Grate some fresh ginger into a cup and pour some hot water over it. Leave it for 20 minutes, strain it and add a teaspoon of organic honey for a better flavour. Drink this ginger tea three times a day to accelerate the metabolism processes.

Alternatively, you can use ginger as an addition to your home-made juices. If you have a juicer for fruits and vegetables, you can make some delicious juice of green apples, mint, lime and a small piece of ginger. The flavour is amazing and the juice is a vitamin bomb. Plus, it helps you burn the fat. Remember that it’s better to drink fruit juices in the morning rather than before bedtime as they contain a lot of natural sugars that can be transformed into fats if they don’t get metabolised during the active part of your day.

Green Tea

Green tea
Green tea is also known for its beneficial properties that help burn fat cells faster. If you don’t like the taste of pure green tea, you can always reach for its flavoured version, for example with lime, orange or papaya. Adding a teaspoon of honey to your green tea also enhances the flavour. Drink green tea throughout the whole day to maintain an elevated level of metabolism and to give your body a boost of anti-oxidants, which are plentiful in green tea.

How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally & Fast at Home
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