How to Remove Dark Spots on Skin: Natural Home Remedies

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How to Remove Dark Spots on Skin: Natural Home Remedies
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      1. Please i wouldn't mind if you email me… this dark spot,is it still same as DERMATOSIS PAPULOSA NIGRA PHOTOS (DPN)?

  1. I had several dark age spots on my cheeks from getting too much sun when I was younger. Several have completely faded away and the ones I have left, are significantly lighter! It's amazing! My skin looks so bright and healthy. I look a lot younger!

  2. alot of you are saying it worked.? But what worked, they gave alot of different things to use. also how many days or weeks did you see a change?

  3. Pls my sis has black spot all over her skin right frm childhood and is really embarrassing …..which of the home remedy will work for her

  4. WHAT WORKED????? ANYONE WANNA GIVE UP A SECRET & HELP SOME PEEPS. Please email me Thx in advance I really need this gone!!

  5. Hi all if u hav darks spots on all over in ur body first we hav to drink lot of water. 1.daily mng drink lemon and honey with warm water.2.daily one glass of tomato juice 3.use nmfe soap and lotus whitening body lotion or assure aloe body lotion 3.bath twice daily and use bathpowder along Wid baking soda for exfoliation (twice a week) night times apply coconut oil+olive oil then take bath at mng(weekly twice)5.avoid junk foods and milk,curd for three to four month in dis

  6. I have just seen all the five remedies you had not suggeset which one is the best please recommend only one, because we have no time to do all the above things.


  8. I wish I actually get a reply.

    I have dark spots almost all over my face, I wish to use the lemon juice, but my fear is; since it has a bleaching content, what would be the fate of the spots on my face that is not affected or that is OK rather?
    Since I would have to rub the entire face with lemon juice, Would the unaffected spots become lighter?

  9. Red Onion for dark spots is my choice to try. I will let you know how my skin responds. Tip: After using onion and rinsing, take a STAINLESS STEEL serving spoon or soup spoon, rinse with water. While wet, gently rub on skin areas exposed to onion. This magically removes onion odor! You may wish to rinse again with cool water, pat dry and moisturize.

  10. I have been using garlic for one week, sometimes several times a day since I cant seem to find a specific Rx. The longer I leave the garlic on brown spots, the dryer my skin gets, I have also scrubbed my face after letting baking soda dry on my face, using it as a scrub. I have a couple of white streaks in the brown spots!!! I am giving it a bit more time for final results…

  11. Comment I have a skin problem since l was a teenager, it is something like scabies I don't know what name to call it, it comes out of my skin and last for like 3-6 months on my body before it will dry and turn dark sport, at times I take fucine for it to dry quickly. I have gone to hospital for this skin problem and I have been taking drugs for it . yet till today is still coming out of my body. this skin problem have left dark spot all over my body am ashamed and embarrassed of my skin am tired of the dark spot please help me out, what will I use to clear this dark spot from my skin.

    1. I have the same problem,since I was a teenager, now 53. I have big and small dark spot all over my body, please let me know of any solution you may find, thanks

  12. Slightly rub your dark spot with red onion before using RaBa Herbal Mask 1/8 teaspoon and add 1 teaspoon buttermilk. You can also add honey and lemon if you want.
    In two weeks, you might see your dark spot lighter. I use it every 2 days.
    Follow me at instagram naturalskincare_raba

  13. It really works. I use sugar as scrub and tomato as toner.
    In just a week, I see the difference. So legit!👍✔️💯😉

  14. since childhood I have been having dark spots now I m 21 years. can you tell me the best medicine or other remedies I can use to remove them.

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