How to Stop Farting? Best Ways to Prevent it

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How to Stop Farting? Best Ways to Prevent itFlatulence, most commonly known as farting, happens to everyone. Not a pleasant experience ever, farting can become a big problem. It’s embarrassing and no one wants to fart at work, school, or especially in front of someone they want to impress.

If farting is becoming out of control, it will definitely affect your life in a negative way. Farting can be loud or silent and may involve a very foul odor. No one wants this, and it can cease to be a part of your life if you take care of excess farting with some easy home remedies.

No one wants to be around someone that farts a lot. It is an obnoxious and very unpleasant experience to be around. It can make other people become repulsed by your presence. Knowing exactly what a fart is, and why it sometimes gets out of control will help you to stop this habit.

What is a Fart?

Farts are accumulated gas that is formed when solid waste is separated in the large intestine. Our digestive process is a complicated one, and some foods that are broken down in this process create gas as a byproduct of this process. While some of our food comes out as solid waste, it is the gasses of these foods that come out as a fart.

Causes of Excess Farting

There are actually quite a few reasons why people pass gas. A few of these reasons are detailed here. If you’ve got a problem with farting too much, any of these could be the reason why.
• Gas Build-Up
• Bacteria in the Colon
• Sensitivity to Lactose
• Poor Digestion
• Certain Medications
• Smoking

Why do Farts Smell So Bad?

Okay, not all farts smell bad, but when they do they sometimes smell really bad. We know that farts are caused by a build-up of gasses in the large intestine. While carbon dioxide and nitrogen are pretty normal and don’t smell, these gasses sometimes get mixed with other gasses that contain substances like sulfur.

When this happens, farts will usually smell pretty awful. Eating certain foods will cause these wretched smells. If you have a problem with stinky flatulence, it would be best to avoid broccoli, cabbage, meat, eggs, and cheese.

Do You Have a Farting Problem? When it’s Time to Worry

Passing excessive gas can sometimes mean an underlying condition that may be more serious than the embarrassment of always having to fart. Most people that seem to fart a lot should really have nothing to worry about.

There are times; however that farting can become a more serious issue. When your farts always smell very foul and you have cramps constantly in the abdomen, you could have a problem. Not being able to control your farts is another problem, and constantly feeling bloated and gassy is a likely indication that something else is wrong.

If your farts continue to persist after trying to get rid of them with easy home remedies, you should definitely visit a medical professional.

Controlling Your Farts

Let’s get to the good stuff. Getting rid of your farts. Now why a little farting here and there is natural, farting all the time is anything but. Try some of the following ways to help control your farts so they become more natural, not just a persistent problem.

Reduce Carbonation
Carbonated drinks like beer and soda will give your body too much gas to handle. While most often this results in a burp, it can sometimes lead to a lot of farting. Stop drinking these carbonated drinks in excess and you should see a big improvement.

Improve Digestion
Your digestive tract is one of the main reasons you get farts in the first place. Improving your diet by adding foods that are easily digestible will help to greatly improve how much you’re farting.

Stop Eating Starchy Food
Grains like wheat and pasta are super starchy and are pretty hard on the digestive tract. If you eat a lot of pasta or wheat and you notice that your farting is out of control, eliminating these foods from your diet should help with your problem.

Avoid Sugar
Sugar is actually pretty toxic for the system and your sugar intake could have a lot to do with excessive farting. More gas gets released when these sugars are broken down quickly in your system resulting in more farts. You should avoid sugar altogether and will probably see your farting slow down quite a bit.

Quit Smoking
When you smoke you consume too much air which becomes trapped in your esophagus and stomach. When this builds up, which it will if you smoke a lot, you will see the result in too many farts.

Foods to Avoid if you want to Stop Farting

The old adage that we are what we eat is very true. If you’ve got a problem farting it is most likely linked to your diet and the types of food you eat. Knowing what foods cause an excess of farting can help you avoid them and live a normal life.

How to Stop Farting? Best Ways to Prevent it
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