How to Tell if Chicken Is Bad

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Still, you may experience pains, aches, a fever as well as diarrhoea.

Be careful with pets as they can also spread the bacteria.

Escherichia Coli Enteritis

Although the major places where you can find this bacterium are vegetables and beef, chickens which are bred outside, can also catch the bacterium and spread it to you. That is because this microorganism normally lives in soil, thus, everything which has a contact with soil can become infested.

Unfortunately, Escherichia coli enteritis is far more severe than the previous disease and it can actually be fatal. Blood and cramps of the colon are some of the most popular symptoms of this illness.

Remember that you should be really very attentive with the food you are choosing as Escherichia coli enteritis is a rather dangerous health condition.


You have already read the information about the dangerous consequences of eating spoilt or raw meat and have seen listeriosis on this list.

Actually, listeriosis is a rather serious health issue which can be asymptomatic although it may be highly unsafe. One of the main culprits of listeria infection is meat which has been preserved improperly. In addition to it, the disease can develop in people who have eaten fruits, vegetables, raw or canned seafood and meat.

Unfortunately, being careful sometimes won’t works as it may be rather difficult to understand whether the food has been infested with this bacteria or not. The most important thing you can do in order to try to avoid this disease is washing vegetables, fruits, meat as well as your hands properly.


Staphylococcus is a bacterium which causes acute intoxication including such symptoms as diarrhoea and vomiting. Still, these reactions of your organism can help you to get rid of staphylococcus. Thus, all the liquids which will leave your body, will take the bacterium with its toxins away.

Sometimes it can be rather difficult to avoid this infection as it is not afraid of high temperature. In addition to it, once you take contaminated food out of refrigerator, the bacteria start breeding.


Salmonella is one of the most common bacteria which infest chicken and other poultry most of all. It has various unpleasant symptoms such as diarrhoea, a fever and abdominal cramps. These sensations can last for longer than a week.

The easiest thing you can do in order to avoid this disease is to wash chicken thoroughly and prepare it properly. In addition to it, it will be better to resign from consuming raw eggs, although they are considered to be highly beneficial for your health.

In addition to it, you should wash your hands after each contact with your pets, as it can also be dangerous for your health. It will be a good idea not to allow your pets enter the kitchen while preparing food.


Shigellosis is an infection which has similar symptoms to salmonella, although they are more severe and can lead to bleeding of your large intestine.

In order to avoid this disease, you should wash your hands thoroughly after each time you use a toilet room. Still, the infection can contaminate the meat you are consuming, if the person who has prepared it wasn’t particularly accurate with one’s hygiene.

How to Tell if Chicken is Bad?

Obviously, no one wants to experience all these unpleasant symptoms, let alone developing a dangerous malaise which can be fatal. Although you can be a person who is doing everything in order to maintain good personal hygiene and excellent cleanness at home, there is still no guarantee that you won’t encounter any of the bacteria of fungi which have been described in the present article.

Learn the following tips which will help you to understand, whether  the chicken is good or it is spoilt which will definitely help you to avoid dangerous malaises. You should especially check the list of recommendations if there is a child, pregnant women or a person with a weak immune system in your family. Remember that in such people the diseases can have more severe symptoms.

Check Raw Chicken

If you are going to cook chicken, you should check it first. Do not judge on the quality of meat just because the date of expiration hasn’t yet come. You have already learnt that aging of the meat is not an exceptional reason for its spoilage.

Therefore, look for any abnormal changes in colour of the meat. Pay your attention to the fact that fresh chicken is pink and while aging, the colour changes to greyish one.

When you notice that pink colour is fading away it means that you should cook it as soon as possible since the complete change of the colour means that the meat isn’t good for consuming.

Pay your attention to the fact that cooking spoilt chicken won’t lead to the alteration of its colour to grey. Only pink and fresh meat can become white whereas grey chicken will still be grey after its preparation.

How to Tell if Chicken Is Bad
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