How to Tell if Chicken Is Bad

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You may be also interested in learning what particular changes in raw meat can mean. Thus, chicken discolouration usually means that it has been infested with aerobic bacteria, yeasts or moulds.

Odour frequently changes when the meat becomes infested by aerobic bacteria or moulds. Both aerobic bacteria and anaerobic ones can product gas while breeding on chicken.

If you feel that the surface of a piece of raw chicken is slime, it is possible that aerobic bacteria or yeasts are breeding there. You can also notice that chicken has lost it fat if it is infested by aerobic bacteria, yeasts or moulds.

Thus you can see that all the changes in the meat such as odour, discolouration, strange texture are not normal for fresh chicken.

If it is difficult for you to understand whether the smell of meat is normal or not, you can consider the description which is usually given by other people, who associate  the odour with something sour with the scent of ammonia. Anyway, normal chicken shouldn’t have any intense smell at all.

You may also have a difficulty with understanding whether the chicken is slimy or not as even fresh chicken can seem to be slimy. In order to examine the meat better, you should wash it with water. If you feel that the slime hasn’t been removed, there is a high possibility that the chicken isn’t fresh.

Check Frozen Chicken

There are many people who mistakenly believe that frozen products can be eaten after several years of being stored in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, that is not true.

Although many microorganisms have problems with breeding in low temperatures, it doesn’t mean that they do not breed at all.

First of all, a great number of bacteria and yeasts can still breed, although the process will not be so active. Second of all, the majority of fungi are not susceptible to low temperatures. Third of all, the spores of bacteria, yeasts and fungi are also not susceptible to low temperatures which means that after unfreezing your chicken these microorganisms will start breeding more actively than before being frozen.

And, finally, all these microorganisms can be killed in the temperature below 200 °C. Check the lowest temperature which can be chosen in your refrigerator and compare the numbers.

So, you should be careful with freezing and especially with refreezing of the products when they have already started spoiling and become frozen again.

When you have taken a chicken from your refrigerator and are pondering over the possibility of cooking it for dinner, you should check the meat thoroughly first.

The first thing you should pay your attention to is the crust of ice on the meat. Remember, the crust can’t be thick or white. These two things can be the signals of either the improper preservation of the meat or the problem with your freezer. It is especially important to check such things while buying food in the store.

You can also check whether the meat has a freezer burn. This one is not dangerous for your heath, although it can mean that the meat won’t have such good taste as you are expecting. Freezer burn is a white mark which occurs on the chicken if the freezing process is not carried out properly.

Again, it is extremely important to check the colour of your chicken. The colour of the meat should be similar to the colour of fresh chicken. You should bring your awareness to the meat which has especially dark colour. Such chicken can’t be used for food.

Check Cooked Chicken

Obviously, it is extremely important to learn in which way you can investigate the freshness of chicken which has already been cooked.

The first reason why you need to know such things is that some fast-food restaurants use spoilt meat in order not to throw it away. It is possible to get such meat served with mayonnaise which is a perfect product for hiding the smell or taste of spoilt food. Deep-fried meat is also more likely to be spoilt as it is rather difficult to tell that it is no longer fresh.

The second reason why you should be aware of the signs of spoilt chicken which has already been cooked as sometimes you may use some food from your freezer without actually knowing how long this item has been stored. Then, you are hoping that the product will be still good and cook it.

Another important aspect is to be able to tell whether the meat has been cooked, or it is not ready yet.

And, finally, you should be able understand whether your meat is appropriate for consuming as it has spent several days after being cooked in the fridge.

Of course, the first thing you will need to do is to smell the food. Apparently, the spices you have added to the chicken can make it rather difficult to distinguish the odour, although the smell of sulphur (the odour of rotten eggs) means that the product is not good for consuming.

How to Tell if Chicken Is Bad
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