How to Tell if Chicken Is Bad

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Again, you will need to check the changes in the colour. You have already learnt that proteins available in chicken (especially, in the breasts) have white colour. While spoiling, the meat changes its colour to grey. Be careful, as this colour test is appropriate for chicken only as meat of other animals can have different colours indicating its freshness.

You should also remember that the marinade you add to your chicken can alter its colour.

Of course, one of the most obvious signs of rotten meat is that it has some mould on it. The mould can be of various colours, although it is more likely that chicken gets green or black mould. Be careful as you shouldn’t smell such chicken. Fungi have their spores which can get into your organism while inhaling and make you ill without actual consuming of the product.

If you haven’t noticed anything which has been described as the signs of spoilt chicken, although you are still not sure whether it can be eaten, you should take a bite of the meat and try to understand whether its taste is good or not. Do not chew the chicken and swallow it immediately. Just try a little piece in order to examine the taste.

The Storage of Chicken

There are several recommendations for the appropriate storage of chicken. You can apply them while storing raw or cooked chicken as well as when buying the meat.

When you have cooked chicken and wish to have it fresh during several days, it will be good to store it exclusively in the refrigerator. Remember that any time you take it out of the refrigerator, the bacteria and fungi start their breeding. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave cooked chicken in the room temperature for a long time.

Additionally, you shouldn’t expose the meat to air as it will entail the spoilage quickly. In order to avoid it, you should put it in a special airtight container or wrap in plastic or aluminium foil. You can also use a freezer bag for this purpose.

Pay your attention to the fact that stuffing can lead to the spoilage more quickly. Therefore, you should remove it before freezing the meat or placing it in the refrigerator. It will be also a good idea to cut the chicken into small portions.

In point of fact, fresh chicken can be stored into a freezer for approximately 9 months. Still, if you put raw chicken into the refrigerator, not a freezer, it can be stored there for 2 days. Raw chicken can remain good in the freezer for longer time than cooked meat. You can leave your cooked chicken in the freezer no longer than for 4 months.

Of course, it is extremely important to check the date of expiration while purchasing your chicken. You should be also careful with any damages of foil if you are buying packed chicken.

Remember about these rules and nothing will spoil your dinner or a pleasant evening which comes afterwards.

How to Tell if Chicken Is Bad
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