Pain Between the Shoulder Blades: Causes and Treatment

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You can stretch your upper back nicely by standing up or sitting with a proper posture and straightening your arms in front of you, putting one hand in the other and pushing your arms forwards. While doing this exercise, you should feel the stretch between your shoulder blades.

You can quickly relax your shoulders and upper back before and after the stretches by shoulder shrugs upwards, forwards and backwards.

Another good exercise is Hand Behind Back stretch. Just face your palm away from your body, bend your elbow and put your hand on your back. Now in this position lift your hand upwards to the greatest possible extent. Stay like that for five seconds and return to a starting position.

Repeat the exercise ten times during a session aiming at two sessions a day. This exercise is easy for people who have healthy back, but if you are in pain, it may turn out to be quite demanding.

Arm swings are also effective types of exercise. Stand up with a good posture and straighten your arms while holding some weights. Lift your right arm to the position when it forms 45° with your body. Hold the weight at this level and slowly lower your arm. Repeat it with your left arm. Do the exercise as many times as you can without feeling any strain.

You can also do forearm swing exercise while lying on your stomach, on a bed or a table. Bend your elbow and position your arm so that it forms a 90° angle with your shoulder. Now bring your hand down and slowly lift your hand up to the shoulder level. Lower your arm slowly and repeat with another arm. Repeat the exercise until you feel tired.

Don’t forget to stretch your neck too. Take your chin towards your chest, then take your head from side to side as if you’ re trying to touch your shoulder with your ear, then diagonally look down to either side in order to stretch the deeper neck muscles.

Remember that whenever you stretch your back, you should start with your lower back and then move up to stretch your neck, shoulders and arms.

Possible Treatments

You should start every treatment of pain in the back with the steps mentioned above. Thus, introduce some changes into your daily routine by working on your posture and taking up regular stretching exercises. These two simple measures should help eliminate the pain between the shoulder blades.

However, the type of treatment depends on the cause and condition you suffer from. Your doctor might prescribe some medication that will lessen the pain as well as he might recommend massage therapy or chiropractic care.

Regular massage therapy will release your muscles from tension and that will alleviate the pain between the shoulder blades. Chiropractors, on the other hand, manipulate on the spine with their hands. Manipulation restores mobility to joints, which lessens the pain. If you choose a well-qualified chiropractor, he might help you without surgery or medication.

For sure, you should never ignore pain between the shoulder blades, no matter if it’s mild or severe, as sometimes the cause might be serious. What’s more, there are many possible treatments and solutions, which will help you live a normal life free of pain.

Pain Between the Shoulder Blades: Causes and Treatment
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