Painful and Enlarged Papillae on Tongue: Causes and Treatment

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Some people have been so troubled with painful and enlarged papillae on the tongue that they want to resort to cutting off the troubled area. Under no circumstances should you attempt to cut the papillae away. Doing so may lead to an infection that may be difficult or next to impossible to correct. If your inflamed papillae have become so painful you feel they must be cut off, it is advised to see your doctor. There is perhaps an underlying cause that needs to be treated that the above-mentioned remedies cannot fix.

There is no reason that most cases of painful papillae cannot be treated effectively using simple methods. There have been numerous successful cases of treating papillae that are painful by using methods that are natural and do not involve harmful antibiotics that strip your system of its natural defense mechanisms. Making sure to take good care, be conscious about the way you treat yourself, and doing your best to manage stress levels are all excellent ways to naturally prevent and cure issues that are associated with painful papillae.

Once you have identified the causes of painful papillae, whether due to smoking, stress, or poor dietary choices and lifestyle habits, it is easier to identify a solution. As with any medical condition, it is wise to seek professional care if symptoms do not improve or worsen as time goes on.

When making good choices in regard to your health, there is no reason you should have to be stuck with hindering painful papillae on the tongue. By making healthy habits a part of your daily routine, it is likely you will never have to ever experience the discomfort of papillae that have become subject to infection.

Painful and Enlarged Papillae on Tongue: Causes and Treatment
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  1. Any treatment for the infection?
    I cant eat or drink its painful. I think I get this tongue burn when I eat super sour pineapple.
    Do you have any suggestion to what kind of food and drink can I eat? And what treatment can I apply? Thank you for your help.

    1. I find eating chicken noodle soup with cayenne pepper to help it… Surprisingly cayenne pepper can help… Google it

  2. I have had this for years. When I eat BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, tomato sauce and anything that has a lot of vinegar this happens to me. I have found a Herb called L-Lysine it works wonders. I take one in the morning. Now I can eat my hamburger with mustard, spaghetti with the grandkids and my favorite BBQ. But before you start taking any herb or medication ask your doctor. Also research the herb before you start taking it.

  3. I have this now and no matter what I do or use it just gets worse and more sore and swollen. I'm 15 – can barely eat drink talk or sleep. Please help me

    1. Go to your pediatrician, mine prescribed "nystanin oral suspension" and it worked. I was doubtful that a mouth rinse could help because it was so painful, but it did. Best of luck to you!

  4. I have about 4-5 on the back of my tongue and I thought I was getting a sore thought.. But these bumps was causing my throat to stay sore, I was told to stay away from spicy foods and soda and rinse my mouth out with warm salt water.

  5. The tongue is not responsible for all of our taste sensations (in reference to the first sentence of the article), only five (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami). The rest of the flavours we experience come from our olfactory cells (from smell). Food particles travel up the back of the mouth into the nasal passage where they are recognized as a certain smell. It is something like 80% of the taste we know actually cocmes from our sense of smell- not out tongue.

  6. Can anyone help me? after taking the anti biotic Flagyl, I developed White hairy tongue or elongated papillae hypertrophy.  Hyperkeratosis of the tongue from allergic reaction from Flagyl, Metrodinzole.  difficult shedding or desquamation. Naturally buildup or keratin on tongue. Condition has been present for 7months, and I am totally depressed.
    These are Treatments prescribed and taken to date;
    1.nystatin mouth wash
    2 nystatin powder,
    3 probiotics,
    4 diflucan,
    5 tongue scraping,  
    6 grapefruit seed extract,
    7 salt rinse
    8 baking soda rinse,
    9 tazorac,
    10 detoxes,
    11 papain,
    Current Prescribed Treatment;
    Dr Eisen,
    1. Salagen pills; for increased saliva.
    2. Fresh Pineapple
    3. Tretinion gel / Retin A
    Up until now the
    Raw pineapple has helped with minimum effect but hair grows back in a few hours or next day. Dr Eisen states that it can take a few months to see results. 30 days into treatment, no visible change.
    Seeking to normalize shedding of tongue and normalize  production of keratin on tongue. returning tongue to normal healthy pink condition.
    Tongue does is not painful.
    Tongue swab culture tests have been done confirming it is not THRUSH or any fungal or bacterial infection.
    Diagnosis is:
    Elongated Papillae; White hairy tongue.

    Can anyone Help me?

    1. How are you doing now? Have you been able to find something that works for you. I am having a similar problem.. I did have thrust for a while. The elongated papillae are all the way in the back of my tongue.

    2. I have the same thing apart from scraping my tongue made the papillae swell up and it’s now hairy around the swollen papillae. Has your problem resolved yet?

  7. I have been getting these ever since I was a very young kid. Any sign of a bad cold or flu coming on and I get these hardened spots on my tongue and go there so painful. I have them now I feel like crap and I just don’t know what to do

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