Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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There are various things you can do at home in order to help your pinched nerve to heal. The treatments comprised in this part of an article will obviously help you to get rid of the nerve compression under the condition of not having a rather advanced damage of the nerve.

Low-impact Exercises

You have already learnt that it is important to reduce the amount of physical activity if you have developed nerve compression. Obviously, it is true, although after several days of rest, you will need to start exercising.

Of course, these exercises should be moderate. Still, it is extremely important to start exercising as it will help you to maintain muscular strength and provide appropriate oxygen circulation in the affected area. These things are really crucial for the healing of your pinched nerve.

Pay your attention to your posture, as it can be a cause of your painful sensations.


It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but sometimes calcium deficiency can lead to the compression of your nerve in the shoulder blade. Thus, it is essential to increase the intake of calcium.

Obviously, one of the ways to do it is taking special supplements. Still, you can alternate your daily diet in order to get more calcium in a natural way. For instance, you can consume more dairy products such as cheese, yogurt or milk. In addition to it, spinach, kale and other leafy greens contain a lot of calcium.

Calcium will help you to improve the condition of the damaged nerve even if it wasn’t caused by the deficiency in this particular substance.


Another important substance for the healing of your pinched nerve is potassium. Potassium is one of the main ions which are taking part in the metabolism of the cells. Thus, the deficiency in potassium can cause a pinched nerve as well. In addition to it, taking a sufficient amount of this substance will give you an opportunity of improving the condition of your nerve.

Again, there is an option of consuming potassium with special supplements. Alternatively, you can take some particular products which are rich in this substance.

For instance, there is one of the diary products which can be helpful in this situation. It is skim milk. Drinking skim milk, you will be able to increase the intake of potassium as well as calcium.

In addition to it, pay your attention to such products as orange juice, bananas, nuts and avocados.

Remember that you can diagnose the potassium deficiency with the help of some special medical tests carried out by your doctor.

Control Your Weight

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, weight control is an essential step to the recovery of a pinched nerve in the people suffering from excessive pounds. Moreover, it is a perfect way to avoid this malaise in the future.

Of course, controlling your weight includes a healthy diet as well as exercising. Bring your awareness to the fact that you should resign from sugary products not only because they are too rich in the calories, but also because refined sugars make it impossible for calcium to be absorbed by the organism. Therefore, you should avoid unhealthy food at least at the moment while treating your pinched nerve.


Natural Remedies

It will be sensible for you to use several natural remedies while treating your pinched nerve at home.

Honey and Cinnamon

For example, you can use for your pain a mixture of honey and cinnamon. You will need to prepare a special paste of one cup of natural honey and a sufficient amount of cinnamon which should be added to the substance in order to make it thick.

You should apply this paste on the affected shoulder for 10 minutes. You can get a great relief from pain with the help of this remedy, although it is important for you to check it on a small spot of skin first as cinnamon can be rather irritating.

Essential Oils

You should also try some essential oils while treating your malaise at home. You have already learnt that it is a good idea to take a warm bath with essential oils while suffering from a pinched nerve in your shoulder blade. It is important to know which essential oils are particularly good for your health issue.

For example, such essential oils as peppermint, marjoram, lavender, sandalwood and chamomile are especially beneficial for reducing nerve pain. Thus, apart from taking a bath with these oils, you can also try to rub them into the affected shoulder. In order to boost the positive effects, it will be good to combine several of the oils with each other.

The best way you can use these substances is to add them to warm olive oil. Massaging your shoulder blade with such a mixture will definitely help you to alleviate all the unpleasant symptoms.

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
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