Red Dots Under the Eyes – Causes and Treatment

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Red Dots Under the Eyes – Causes and TreatmentYou look in the mirror and suddenly notice that your eye area is covered with tiny, red dots.

They came out of the blue, you feel perfectly fine and you have no idea what might have caused them.

In fact, there are a few reasons of red dots under eyes. Fortunately, most of them are not serious and can be treated quickly.

What Are the Causes of Red Dots Under the Eyes

A few causes of red dots can be enumerated, among which the most common are acne, allergies and a condition known as Petechiae. You don’t need to panic, though, as they usually don’t stay on your face long.

1.     Petechiae

Capillaries are tiny blood vessels around our eye area and every time you strain them too much, they might break down and bleed. The bleeding will be visible on your skin as red, purple or brown dots. This condition is known as Petechiae.

You suffer from Petechiae because probably you somehow strained some portions of your face. The reddish dots may look like a rash. They usually appear in clusters and are flat when you touch them. Apparently, they may also occur in different areas of our body, but they usually appear under our eyes.

As it’s already been mentioned the most probable cause of Petechiae is a prolonged strain, which caused the capillaries to break. You strain the capillaries in situations in which you use your facial muscles a lot, such as vomiting, crying, coughing, weightlifting, or giving birth.

Some medications may also cause Petechiae. Blood thinners are at the top of this list as when you take them, even the slightest activities may make the capillaries to break out. Some other popular medications that may cause the problem are Penicillin, Quinine, Atropine, and Naproxen.

Certain injuries may lead to Petechiae as well. Children who experience abuse and are hit on the facial area may have red dots under their eyes. If a person has been strangled or took part in an accident like car accident, may deal with this condition too.

If you like spending your time under the sun, remember to apply a sunblock every 30 minutes. Otherwise, people with sensitive skin who develop sunburn, may also get Petechiae.

There are also some infectious diseases that may cause Petechiae. Some of them are Meningococcemia, Mononucleosis, Strep Throat, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, or Endocarditis. If you suspect that you suffer from Petechiae because of any contagious disease, contact your doctor immediately.

Some noninfectious diseases may also be the reason for Petechiae and these are mainly thrombocytopenia, deficiency of vitamin C or deficiency of vitamin K. Contact your doctor if red dots don’t want go away for a long time so that he could eliminate or confirm any of these conditions.

2.     Acne

Acne is a very common condition of both teenagers and adults too. Acne usually appears as reddish, unattractive bumps, which can occur all over our face, but also neck, back, and chest area.

Acne is often caused by the poor balance of hormones or poor hygiene. Sometimes it’s genetics to blame so if your mother or father deal with the problem of acne, you are at higher risk too. In some cases the unhealthy diet or too much stress can also result in the problem of acne.

There is no one solution to acne, however, there are some general tips which you should follow when dealing with it.

The key rule is to keep your skin clean so wash the affected areas twice a day with a cleanser with 5.5 pH.  If different parts of your skin are affected with acne, do not limit the washing only to your face, for example, you have acne on your back, wash it twice a day too.

A very effective method of getting rid of acne is known as Oil Cleansing Method. It comes from Asia, but it’s getting more and more popular in western countries too.

In this solution you use different oils, such as olive oil, castor oil, or coconut oil to clean and nourish your skin. The majority of oils have wonderful moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties which make them great remedies to acne. Try to use different oils and find the one your skin loves the most.

To reduce acne you can’t forget to exfoliate your skin regularly. Thanks to this action you will bog off dead skin cells and open the skin pores. At the chemist’s you will find many different types of exfoliating scrubs, but you can also use natural ingredients as a peeling for your skin.

For example, you can massage some honey into your skin and leave it for about 30 minutes, then wash it off with water. You can also mix honey and blended oats. Rub your face gently with the mixture for 2 – 3 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Red Dots Under the Eyes – Causes and Treatment
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