Red Dots Under the Eyes – Causes and Treatment

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Nevertheless, there is one worrying condition known as cellulitis, which is a skin infection caused by staph or strep bacteria. The symptoms of cellulitis are red rash, which feels warm when you touch it, swelling, chills, fatigue and even abscesses. The condition should always be consulted with a doctor as there is a potential danger that  it will develop into a blood infection.

11.  Autoimmune Condition

An autoimmune condition means that our immune system attacks healthy parts of our body. Some of the autoimmune disorders such as systemic lupus may result in red dots under the eyes and across the nose and cheeks. However, such diseases don’t cause only a rash, but also various different symptoms, such as muscle pain, fever, or sudden weight loss.

How to Prevent Red Dots Under the Eyes

If you’ve observed that you have the tendency to red dots under eyes, you should prevent the skin conditions that lead to the rash. Thus, if you suffer from Petechiae, try to avoid straining your face muscles.

If you deal with some other skin conditions like acne or dermatisis, pay attention to proper facial hygiene. Don’t go to bed without removing your makeup, don’t use oily cosmetics, which can block the skin pores and don’t touch your face with dirty hands.

Always try to use natural cosmetics, which are not perfumed and don’t contain allergens as they may irritate the skin and lead to different skin problems.

How to Treat Red Dots Under the Eyes Fast

In general, red dots under your eyes should be easy to treat even with some home solutions. There are some cases, however, in which you should consult your doctor. If the dots become painful, itchy or seem to be infected, or they don’t want to go away with time, probably you will need some advice from your doctor.

Similarly, if you suspect that you’ve been suffering from Petechiae, but you don’t know what might have caused the problem, you may also go to see your doctor. He will ask you some questions about your recent injuries or drugs you take, he might also run some tests, which will identify the cause of your problem.

When it’s confirmed that the condition you suffer from is Petechiae, you just need to be aware that your blood vessels are easy to break down. Therefore, you need to be more careful in your everyday life so that you don’t strain the facial muscles too much. Try to avoid sudden moves and just take your time.

Once Petechiae occurs under your eyes, don’t panic and don’t put on your face whatever cream, oil or moisturizer you have at home to make it disappear. You may of course put some make up so that the red dots will be less visible, but the wisest thing you can do is just be patient as, providing that they’re not the symptom of some underlying condition, they will disappear after just a few days.

Also, you can try one of the following home methods to treat the red dots under the eyes in order to feel immediate relief.

1.     Use Ice

A good solution to red dots under the eyes is to put there something cool. For example you can put some ice under your eyes when you noticed the red dots. You can also use this method to prevent the red dots, for example, if your cried, immediately put some ice underneath your eyes.

This method will limit inflammation and the capillaries won’t bleed out. Remember, though, that you shouldn’t keep ice under your eyes for more than five minutes. Remember also that you should not put the ice directly on your skin, but first wrap a few ice cubes in a clean towel or cloth and put it gently on the affected area of your skin.

If you don’t have ice cubes in your freezer when the red dots appear, you can use some frozen vegetables. Just wrap them in a clean cloth and touch your skin gently for a while.

2.     Get Rid of Irritants

If you want to cure your eye rash quickly, it’s crucial not to touch it or rub it all the time. That also means you should avoid all the potential irritants such as smoke, pollen, dander, or other allergens.

3.     Try Saline

If the red dots under your eyes are caused by some virus or bacteria that is present in your eyes, saline drops might be helpful. It is a salt water that has the ability to mimic your body’s normal fluids. Thus, if the rash is caused because of dry eyes, saline will moisturize them.

This salt water is sometimes used as artificial tears so if there is some irritant in your eye, saline will clear it out.

4.     Slice a cucumber

Slice a cucumber into thick slices and soak them in cold water. Apply one slice to each eye with your lids closed. When the slices start to warm up, use new slices. The cucumber will bring some relief to dots under the eyes as it will moisturize them and cool the irritated area.

5.     Humidify the Rash

If the red dots under your eyes are caused by eczema, you can use s humidifier to moisture the air. Eczema may be intensified by dry air, especially in winter so if you humidify the air at your home, it may help alleviate the skin irritation.

6.     Borrow a Shampoo From Your Baby

If you suffer from red dots under the eyes as a result of an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis, you should treat the affected skin area with the most gentle cosmetics. Therefore, baby shampoo will be a perfect solution here as it can clean your skin, but is mild for the eyes. Just soak a clean cotton cloth or a cotton pad in baby shampoo and gently clean the irritated area.

7.     Soothe the Dots with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a well-known moisturizer as well as it can reduce inflammation. It can help to get rid of any rash on your skin and therefore it can be remedial also to the red dots under the eyes.

Red Dots Under the Eyes – Causes and Treatment
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