Skin Fungus: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies

skin fungusThere are quite a few different skin fungi and as common as some might be, it doesn’t make them any more comfortable or welcoming. Different kinds of skin fungus include athlete’s foot, jock-itch, and ringworm. Although a skin fungus isn’t really too serious, it is definitely something that no one really wants to experience.

When you’ve got a skin fungus you’ll notice that the skin becomes irritated, turning red. There is also a lot of itching and burning involved in a skin fungus, with the affected area developing sores and blisters.

Athlete’s foot is the most common skin fungus, but with all skin fungus infections, the symptoms are pretty much the same. Athlete’s foot and other skin fungus are treatable and are easy to get rid of with simple home remedies. Before treating your skin fungus at home, it is best to know the common symptoms and causes.

Symptoms of Skin Fungus

The signs of skin fungus are all pretty similar no matter what kind of bacteria the fungus is caused by. The following are pretty common signs that you’ve more than likely got some fungus under your skin.
• Peeling Skin
• Cracked Skin
• Redness
• Blisters
• Burning
• Itching
• Breakdown and Softening of Skin Tissue

Causes of Skin Fungus

Skin fungus loves moist and warm environments. Think about athlete’s foot and why on earth they would give it that name. This particular type of fungus can grow in shoes and socks that are left unclean, a very common habit among many athletes. These shoes end up collecting dirt, sweat, and bacteria, the latter of which makes it to the skin and causes an infection.

Fungal infections can also be caused by tiny microscopic fungi that live on the dead tissues of the hair, skin, and toenails. Public areas like a locker room at the gym, swimming pools, or public showers are all common breeding ground for skin fungus.

No matter what the cause of the skin fungus it is vital to know that skin fungus is extremely contagious. It can be as easy as rubbing up against someone for them to catch your skin fungus. It’s obviously super important then to treat the infection so you do not risk spreading it to others.

Just as easy as it is to spread to others, it is just as easy to spread it on different areas of your own body. Having a skin fungus is not life-threatening, but it can be a real pain. Treat it before it gets out of hand with the following easy home remedies and your skin fungus will be gone before you know it, or have the chance of spreading it to others.

7 Speedy Home Remedies to Get Rid of Skin Fungus Fast

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is great for a ton of home remedies, and if you’ve got a case of ringworm, this is the right remedy for you. Apple cider vinegar has antiseptic properties that will help the fungus to diminish. The affected area should first be cleaned thoroughly with an antiseptic soap. After the area is clean and dry, rub apple cider vinegar on the fungus with a cotton ball. Repeat this a few times a day until symptoms get better.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is another great natural antiseptic and is known to cure fungal infections in the skin. Tea tree oil ointment is the best way to treat a skin fungus and should be applied to the affected area throughout the day. Make sure that the skin is clean and dry before using any type of ointment on a fungal infection.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a great thing to have around the house. It is great for cleaning out infections in cuts and is also known to help clear up fungal infections of the skin. A solution of hydrogen peroxide and water should be applied to the infection. If you’re suffering from athlete’s foot, it would be a benefit to soak your feet in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water.

4. Nail Polish

While this home remedy is far from natural, it will work to get rid of skin fungus. It is best used for infections that are around the nails, applying a coat of polish will help to kill the fungus and make the area dry out. Nail polish remover will work well too. Be sure not to put nail polish directly on the skin or you could run into further complications.

5. Keep your Feet Dry and Clean

If you’ve got a fungal infection on the feet, the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep your feet clean and dry. Fungi love to breed in a damp or moist environment and if you don’t take the time to keep feet dry and clean when you’ve got an infection, it’s ‘just likely to spread more. Do yourself a favor and make sure to constantly keep your feet dry and clean when you’re suffering from a skin fungus.

6. Let Your Feet Breathe

If you have to wear shoes all day and you’ve got a skin fungus on your feet, one of the best things you can do is to take your shoes and socks off and let your feet breathe throughout the day. Wearing shoes and socks all day is usually cause for a sweaty foot.

To avoid spreading your infection and making it worse, be sure to take your socks and shoes off during the day and let your feet dry out and breathe a little. If your shoes and socks are still moist and you must put your shoes back on, sprinkling some baby powder onto your feet before you slip your shoes back on will act as a good protectant from excess moisture.

7. Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils
Prevention of skin fungus is easy when you know the right essential oils to use. If you are someone who could possibly be more prone to skin fungus, using garlic oil or oregano oil will help keep feet from attracting any kind of fungus. Taking preventative measures is your best bet if you know there is a chance you could develop a skin fungus.

Skin Fungus: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies
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  1. Hy… ! I have a fungal infection in my legs fold and on neck. My elder and younger brother also suffering from it. And also my mother in arms and in fold of chest.
    We all use many medicine and soap for it. Its heals and turns to end but after few days it again grows. May be due to sweating or any other reason.
    Symptoms are all u mentioned above.
    Is there any way that we all get rid of it at all.
    Bcz its so itchy and painful.

    1. Teaspoon baking soda (bicarbonate soda) in large cup of water. Just splash over affected area in the morning and evening. Very effective and only a few dollars for a big box from the supermarket. Also you could put medicated powder from the pharmacy on to keep area dry. Hope this helps.

    2. Hi,
      I tried a really good mix and it seems to work well. Two tsp of molasses in 1 glass of water, two tsp of apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp of dye/tumeric powder and 2 tsp of neem juice. Most of the ingredients are bitter so the molasses helps to give a reasonable taste.
      Also, in order to cut starch I used a little basmati rice, green juice ( blend spinach, cabbage and lettuce). drink two cups of green juice daily. Seems like a long list but you can buy all these stuff online and at a supermarket, all the best

    3. i have a fungal infection on my chin and it really stings and hurts its also a bright red colour. It keeps going away and then coming back this infection comes and goes for me for over 2 years. i visited a bunch of doctors but they all told me the same thing. i dont know whats wrong with my chin or how to cure it got any ideas please help!

      1. I’m suffering also on my inner thigh, for about 4 years of fungal infection. We tried home remedies and medicines such as itraconazole capsule & cream. After 5 months of taking this medication we stop taking it then it will come again. Medicines is too expensive. Now I’m doing a home remedy again, I scrub a calamansi fruit (it is a Philippines lime) in my legs, and let it dry for about 15 – 30 minutes. I feel itchy when I do this, but, it sort fungi is reacting. Then i wash it with warm water and anti fungi soap. Then I put some cream for fungi also. For about five days its stop to spread, the redness and itchiness stop also.

        You may try this, I just don’t know if calamansi is available in your area or lemon can do this also.

        1. I had all these symptoms with fungal infection under my breast, in the creases of my thighs, neck and C-section fold plus bowell and stomach issues that led to an ulcer. What my problem was that in my digestive system the bad bacteria was overriding the good bacteria. What I did was eat an Activia yogurt and a few sliced pickles everyday. Took a month or so to get my good bacteria where it should be. I now eat a yogurt 2x a week. Also, cutting back on sugar and starch seemed to help also. I am now healed but will never stop this regimen for fear it might return.

  2. Teaspoon of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) in a large cup of water. Just spray or splash on the areas affected in the morning and before bed. This is very good at killing fungus on the skin and is also only a few dollars for a large box from the supermarket. You could also use a medicated powder from the pharmacy on top of the baking soda to help keep the area dry. Hope this helps.

  3. Nowadays fungal infection is common. The best remedy I found for fungal skin infection is tea tree oil by far. Besides one should need to keep their skin clean and try.

  4. Hi i got fungal infection in my big toe. It's real painful. It peels my skin and crack down the skin. It keeps on coming back. Please help.

  5. Both my arms between the shoulder and the God of the elbow, have been itchy and rashly with
    Small bumps. Regular MD and dermotologist are baffled ! Have used prescription and non
    Prescription creams. I will now try the baking soda!

    1. Hi Joanna. I am experiencing this fungus now, all over my body.I have a skin condition
      first. I talk to a friend about it, and then mention to her that I am on a daily regimine
      of drinking 1st thing in morning, raw apple cider vinegar with raw honey in a 16.9 bottle of water.She expressed concern. She said that some should be careful doing that regimine because it can cause yeast infections as well. Yeast infection on the skin may happen as well. I would follow advice above.Also, maybe get your urine checked for acidic level..

  6. Can fungus infection can happen around hips. I have fungus marks on my belly and armpits. I didnot take it serious and now i have very irritating itchiness in my buttocks , and it stinks too.

    1. Fungus in folds of skin that is itchy and stinks is probably yeast. Men that are overweight & less active as well as underweight men that exercise, lack of proper bathing or not laundering undergarments, bed linen and bath towels might need a closer look in either case.

  7. Hi , I was wondering if there is anything I can take oraly for fungi? I mean what if it's in unreachable places like the back? Mine can't be seen. But I feel them. They are itchy and I feel as if I have a million tiny mosquitoes biting me. Please help. Also, do you know if it is my diabetes that is causing ?
    Much appreciated!

  8. I've had what I thought at first was a fungal infection on bottom of my foot but believe it is now dyshidrotic eczema. I've tried everything from apple cider vinegar to hydrgen peroxide to anti-fungal creams to Allegra for "histamine reaction" and tons of creams and lotions. I went the steroid route in the beginning when it started last May, doing what doctor told me but that did nothing to help. I started taking Tumeric capsules, 1,500 mg per day. It seemed to be working for awhile as I had less little blisters and less cracking. Yesterday, for some reason, I woke up with that burning, itchiness and more blisters again! Grrrr! I have now ordered some probiotics and will give that a try as soon as they arrive. I believe it all has to do with an overgrowth of fungus in the gut so hoping the probiotics will take care of it! Don't want to go to the doctor again because all the do is give me steroids. I'm so sick of it! Some days I can barely walk, much less try to mow the lawn! After mowing with socks and shoes on, it always gets worse from all the rubbing, friction and heat! Sure hope someone can help me! I need some answers!

    1. Try fractionated coconut oil and if that doesnt work try mixing with pure cold pressed neem oil. Neem oil is thick and smells sort of bad….you have to use a carrier oil to get it to soak into your skin.

    2. Hey barbara.
      I also had this problem. I changed a lot of doctors. But got no results. Then i went to a very famous skin specialist in my city. Right now i m under his supervision. You also find a skin specialist. And if u didn't get d one. Den if posible u can start taking a tablet of itraconazole salt. For first one week take twice daily after meal. And den the second week one daily. If needed u can.continue it for third week also once in a day after meal.and after bath use a good quality moisturizer or body lotion. And also use ketoconazole cream and apply and massage at affected area of d body. Use it untill marks disappear. Dis cream should be at d body for minimum 12 hrs. U will feel d dffrnc within 6 days.

      1. Beclomethsone dipropinate
        3ise is in single tube 2 times per day use it will help you.
        Four drm plus cream use it once in a week
        It will help you will get result in a day
        And dont use dettol or other anticeptic liquid or cream

    3. Please visit a skin specialist…I had the same problem and the doctor gave me anti-fungals and anti- bacterials and a couple of other creams as well. As you've mentioned, steroids only suppress the symptoms for a while and after that it gets even worse. The same had happened with me. A general physician won't be able to solve this. Find a good skin specialist and explain your problem.

  9. Have serious issue with my skin for over 7years now, I use to think its eczema and treated it like any other person would treat eczema, but to no avail, at last I thought its fungal infection and I used triple action cream on it, and presently am using 3G cream but the trouble is still there stirring me in the face. it is characterised with itching burning redness so uncomfortable experience. pls can someone help pls.

  10. May I ask something…I hope you will mind this one…I have this on my skin I don't know if it is a fungal infection it's on the middle of my legs it's very itchy especially when I sweat.It's growing wider and around it is reddish in color and rough and its trace is very dark… Is it a fungal infection?

  11. Greetings all;

    I have a dry cracking area on the side of one finger, from just below the nail to the2nd kunckle.l have tried apple cider vinagar and coconut oil. I would put the oil on a gauss and tape on my finger while I slept. Upon waking and removing the gauss ,the skin looked and felt better,but would soon start to dry out again . I would use the AC vinagar several times a day, applying some and letting it dry. It would burn slightly in a small area,so I do not know if I was helping or not.
    Am going to get some tea tree oil today and give it a try. I will post in a day or two with the results.
    Has anyone tried borax or colloidal silver?

    1. I have the same problem on my finger and it itchy and turning black. Hot water seems to make it bump it. So now it sort of sore and irritated. Please tell me ur result cuz i need help getting rid of thiz

  12. I have just finished reading of the various complaints re: fungal infections. I believe that most sound like they are suffering from Ringworm. Similar symptoms to what I read. Maybe you all can check it online and look at the various home remedies suggested. Hope you guys find something to get rid of your problems. Good luck !

  13. I am suffering this ridiculous problem for many months. It has made me really irritating and a wondering mind. It doesnt let me focus on anything. I am looking for anything that could help me get rid of this

  14. I've found tea tree oil to be very effective, on a toe nail infection and skin infection which comes up in little blisters, itches, then dry out and itches more. Tea tree oil definitely!

  15. I believe in tea tree oil. I use Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo as a first shampoo then a de tangling
    Shampoo. My hair is bouncy and always pretty. Since tea tree works so well on cleansing my hair, I began using the Paul Mitchell tea tree soap three times a week to kill body fungus. I live in a tropical area and moisture causes fungus. The soap is wonderful! My underarms stay drier and there isn't a body odor. The soap is expensive, $8 a bar, but it is worth being clean and bacteria free.

  16. I have had a rash on varying places on my body which I believed was psoriasis. I have t badly on bottoms of my feet and palms of my hands. It then moved to my shins. I than started getting little areas of the first/ itchy rash. On back, neck line and between breasts. Treated for athletes foot, bed bugs/parasites and fungal as prescribed by a dermatologist. Even tried bleach on Dr.s recommendation. Nothing has worked perfectly. I am diabetic and watch carbs. Still have issues. Not in a high humidity area, either. Only thing that helps my feet when really bad is Duck Tape. Yes, DUCK Tape ! Not the silver duct tape, but DUCK Tape. Make a slipper out of it and within 5 mins. pain is gone. Leave on for couple days, then clean and see how it is for a few days.

  17. I have fungal infection in my inner thighs
    How to cure it please help
    Since last 2 years i have been suffering by using medicines it help but after one week or so it again erupts.
    Please help

  18. I m having fungunal infection on my bump 2 years had become i hve done treatement changed so many doctors but still it has been not cured what should i do please suggest me some medicine through which it may permenataly dissappeare.

  19. Hi I have a fungal affection on my face and some parts of my neck and chest. It's started last year and it was really bad it was pussing and peeling my skin my eyebrows and lashes were falling out and so was the edges of my hair last winter. And it's coming back but differently now it's red and burns and the itch is way worse this go round I need this gone by Friday for good. But mainly by Friday and its Tuesday somebody help please please please help me I can't even make certain facial expressions or it hurts!!! Help me please

  20. Hello all. I too am experiencing some of what you all contribute here.

    I am on Chinese herbals from E SHAN TANG on Allston St., Boston MA. The herbalist, B. J. Wang has been an herbalist for at least 26 years.

    Then I also do neem oil by itself and also mix castor oil as a carrier for the neem oil. I think that works well. It works better it seems the longer the mix can be on the body, such as at nite going to bed. This sorta means having cloths you don't care if they get the lotions on it. But I don't put the mixture on wet skin. I do that on dry skin.

    I found a green clay power at The Vitamin Shoppe and do sometimes a mix of that with castor oil, neem oil, rose water. Then apply and leave on my face, head, and neck for at least 10 Minuses. You can do more and that is probably better, like 20 min. I have some under arm powder deoderants from Lush Fresh Cosmetics and use that as I have it for my feet and sometimes my torso; back and front. After showering and being dry as possible. Then apply.

    I got some neem bar soap and shampoo from Amazon online. I also found a body/shampoo sea soap wash at Whole Foods with some neem oil in it. Whole foods does usually carry neem oil as does The Vitamin Shop. But definitely a Indian Market wherever there may be one near you will have neem products. You can call them or just go. Or they can order you some of what you need … just ask. I got a very fair price on neem oil at an Indian market as opposed to other places; very inexpensive and more in quantity. I also got some neem juice and am drinking that. It's not the best taste, but very worth my health. I chase the neem juice with a juice that is more to my pallet. I am trying to drink some aloe Vera drinks only because I was sure I may not like the straight Aloe Vera to drink and wanted to get that in me … seeking more probiotic juices and such to drink. I am drinking warm teas usually with agave or honey no milk or regular sugar … though I am watching sugar.

    The herbalist said try to drink more warm drinks and stop thinking bad thoughts around this … basically staying positive as possible.

    I shower 2 times a day as that is the window I have. I apply neem oil when I need too in between. Though I may try to carry a mix of castor oil and neem to apply.

    I finish my showers with a jar of apple cider vinegar ďiluted with water. I eyeball what to do. You just have to experiment with the recipe. As too much apple cider seems to burn. I also use baking soda to wash my body and other areas; like my hair line, back of head with before using the soaps. I pour the mixture of apple cider and water over my head and body at the end. I include my feet too … I pat myself dry. Lately the baking soda burns a little.

    Sometimes I am itchy. Sometimes burning feelings … I think once we are on the right path the fungus doesn't want to die however the the burning I think is just also indication of something working. One has to be dillingent. … things may look worse sometimes before they are better In the healing as we are bringing all that plant toxin out.

    I do admit I have been teary eyed a couple of times and had one meltdown at work … however, I like to think that this too shall pass. I am powerful, I am handling this the best I can. I am being on top of this … it has been two-weeks Sunday when I saw the herbalist. I may go back to çheck in and make sure I am doing what I can…. this all started several months ago. I thought I just had an allergic reaction to a cap I was to wear at one of my job's. This issue I soothed with natural soothing soaps and sometimes it seems totally gone from my head. Then I got a foot fungus. Delt with that, then I noticed some under my breasts… and I had the head/hair thing still, a little still.

    Long story … I knew that I had a fungus. I was not helped fully at my doctors who should have known better …. I don't want to do aNY more toxic creams. My insurance dosent pay for continuing pharmacy çosts.

    So I am trying to heal with it calmly. I am going to make some other calls and see if any homeopathic others/acupuncturists and such know what to do … I will also try to seek a forum like this.

    Thank you, Rizzah

  21. I am also suffering from fungal infection in my reproductive areas penis and side I use globen g aurvedic every thing it tempraverly cures and comes again

  22. Hi I had fungus under my foot it's almost 2 year's gone still there I am using only tea tree oil I am full time working so I keep wearing shoe's almost 10 hours please can you tell me any advice thanks.

  23. Hi

    I have a skin fungus on the lower part of both my legs. Its itchy and turns red when irritated. Its spreading gradually and its very unattractive.

    1. I have the same thing, it has spread to my arms, thighs and my lips this week. Sometimes I feel my jawline and neck begin to tingle as if the fungus has found its way there. It began in the spring around my knees with a patch on my collar bone and a patch on my breast. My doctor thought it was eczema and gave me a steroid. The patches on my collar and breast healed, but my legs got worst. I went in again, doctor still said eczema but she did say that it could be fungal; I was prescribed Eucrisa, which didn't help at all. Now its a lot worse, my legs are dark, full of rash, and scaly. I can feel it spreading and getting worse, I have used tea tree oil- it didn't work. Right now I am spraying apple cider vinegar three times a day and I'm still waiting for improvements. It burns very much but if it goes away I won't care.

      1. try selsun blue shampoo my sons dr told me that years ago. just rub it on there wherever it is. it did work for us. my son had discoloration spot on his face that were a fungus.

  24. I have fungal infection in my buttocks. It has turned dark and has black heads. It also develops pus sometimes. Please advise

  25. I have a hard round area on inside ancle and it cracks and burns hurts and itchys once in awhile buy. It has like fuzzy white fluffy stuff. And u scratch it then thick layers. Of crackd pieces i cant leavebit alone ..i also. Have it around hair line when. I get out of shower but on hair line it just to me looks like dried soap i didnt rinse out..please someone help and another question can u get this in your throat cause my throats been bothering me???

  26. I have a heavy fungal infection on the thai and near from knee and on the Pet
    I am having a treatmentis on running but it's cause any solution
    So what can i do for it for instantlyand permanently??

  27. How about BAKING SODA? is it very effective for fungal? Please…. Somebody help me!! I can't take it anymore! It's irritating!! 😭😭😭

  28. I have sensitive skin. I have many allergies. I am obese. I find I get a fungal infection and then cellulitis if I scratch my skin. I never had this problem until I lived overseas in a developing country with very poor quality water. I had to add bleach to my bathing water while living overseas to avoid catching liver flukes. I am very careful about soaps, detergents for washing clothing, personal care products and trying to not sweat. I use a new towel every time I shower. I was my backside with water after every bowel movement. ( this keeps my private area boil free) I have learned that talc and baking soda don't work for me. I use spray "all natural" crystal deodorant and that has stopped the underarm fungus and boils. I wash my face and hair with a bar of Syrian olive oil soap with rosemary. (Ingredients:olive oil and rosemary) For my body I use a liquid pump soap to avoid spreading germs. (One boil was cultured and it was caused by normal e-coli from my own bowel movement. The doctor told me anyone with skin issues should use liquid soap because germs can live on bar soap, in towels and washcloths, loofas, etc.) I had to smear my entire body with nystantin antifungal cream for 2 miserable weeks. But because I scratched, while I was sleeping, I got cellulitis. (Woke myself up scratching! An 'aw crap' moment) So then needed antibiotic. Very itchy and painful. I tried tea tree oil diluted but was too harsh for my skin. I am now going to try coconut oil as a moisturizer. My skin is so dry and commercial creams worry me with parabens and chemicals. In desperation I cut dairy out of the diet, decreased sugars and increased vegetables. I hope we can all get rid of our itchy, cracked skin forever. Good luck to everyone.

  29. Hi, I have a fungous from being exposed to espesdis. It doesn't itch or burn or blister, just grows and if I hold my kids too much they get it. I've tried dandruff shampoo and creams. The creams took it away, but it comes back. Its all over my body. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?

  30. Hy… ! I have a fungal infection in my legs fold and on neck. My younger brother also suffering from it.
    We all use many medicine for it. Its heals and turns to end but after few days it again grows. May be due to sweating or any other reason.
    Symptoms are all u mentioned above.
    Is there any way that we all get rid of it at all.
    Bcz its so itchy and painful.

  31. Epson salt 1 cup one gallon water 5 drops lemon oil and 5 drops and 5 drops eucalyptus oil 3 cups apple cider vinegar everyday for 30 min my fungus was cure.

  32. One of the reasons for fungal infection is weak immunity. You could add some yogurt to your meal, this will help you to empower your immunity. Hopefully this will help many of you

  33. I have got itching on forehead , bumps n neck portion. Itching z very severe n it gets red n dosent look good. I hve also got lot of itching in hairs. Dandruff problem .plz help.

  34. Something else, that I am surprised was not mentioned, is diaper rash ointment. I tried many remedies for the rash under my breasts and my stomach fold and actually got quite troublesome until I read a mention about how the fungus was like diaper rash… so I thought… and decided to try the ointment. It worked to clear it up. When it returns I will reapply the ointment and add cornstarch powder which I also get in the baby product aisle of my supermarket. I know what I need to do to make this go away permanently and that is to lose weight and get in shape.

  35. Hi I have fungi infection on my face. It really makes me fill uneasy and it has made a lot of dark sports on it aswel. Pls what should I do

  36. Hi I have black spot after cussing fungal imfection. It came started like swelling and after cure it becomes like black spot. Can someone suggest a solution for this kind of problem. I took a medical concern and they given anti fungal solution to apply but it won't helpful in my way.

  37. I have fungal infection in between the buttocks.Signs are sores and itching.I have applied all sorts of cream medicine dazol,ketacanazol,gresosafavin for five years but it does not work.Please assist

  38. Hey what should i do i have fungal infection in my tummy ,thigh,bumbs..i ate lots of medicines but all are fail to remove infections from roots….its come again and again what should i do…i irritated to much for ds itching…😔

  39. I,ve read all your comments folks and I’m going through the same thing BUT I found the solution by fluke. I have fungal infection on my chest and arms which as causing redness and constant itching. Doctors prescient me over the counter creams which not only were expensive but helped very little. Then I tried calamine lotion. Guys, this product is not only cheap but very effective. It took away the itch and now my infection is almost cleared up after only 3 days ! Put it on or should I say spread it on your body in the morning and before going to bed. It leaves a white powder on your skin which helps dry out the infection. Please google this product and try it. You will not be disappointed. This product contains zinc which makes it awesome. Thanks for reading. Russell

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