Symptoms, Causes of Gas in Chest Area: Home Remedies and Treatment

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Symptoms, Causes of Gas in Chest Area: Home Remedies and TreatmentGas pain is no laughing matter, even if it is the butt of many jokes. Gas pain is experienced by everyone at some point in their life, but becomes a not only embarrassing but also quite painful when its experienced in excess. Passing gas everyday either through the intestinal tract or through flatulence is normal, gas in abundance is not.

Gas pain in the chest can be an indication of a more serious problem, but is not as bad as some may think. Many people that suffer from gas pains in their chest fear they may be having problems with their heart, and often think they are suffering from a heart attack. While this is not the case, it doesn’t make these feelings any easier.

For the most part when gas pain is not serious, they usually only occur for a brief period of time and then pass on naturally. Although gas pain in the chest can be mistaken for certain heart diseases or even appendicitis when felt in the abdomen, this is most often not the case. It shouldn’t be forgotten that gas pain is normal, but gas pain in the chest that is accompanied by severe pain or discomfort for prolonged periods of time may indicate a reason for concern.

Symptoms of Gas Pain in the Chest

For many people symptoms of gas pain in the chest are pretty obvious. For others that have never experienced gas pain in the chest, symptoms may not be as apparent. The following are all symptoms of gas pain in both the chest and the abdomen:
• Jabbing Pains in the Chest
• Tightness in the Chest
• Voluntary or Involuntary Passing of Excess Gas
• Belching
• Indigestion
• Pain in the Abdomen that Shifts to Other Parts of the Abdomen
• Feeling Bloated
• Loss of Appetite

If you find you have any of these symptoms and believe you are experiencing gas pain in the chest, trying any of the following home remedies will help alleviate painful symptoms and have you feeling better in no time. While there are over-the -counter medications that will quickly reduce these symptoms, there are many people who don’t believe in modernized medicine, preferring to stick to more natural remedies that do not come with harmful side effects. Next time you feel gas pain in the chest areas, try relieving it with any of these natural cures:

10 Best Home Remedies for Gas Pain in the Chest

1. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Our bodies are composed mostly of water, and drinking plenty of fluids is often recommended in many home remedies. We often experience gas pain in the chest because of poor digestion. Think of drinking plenty of fluids as a way to wash away impurities that lie dormant in the body due to a lack of proper digestion. When fluids are taken in larger amounts than normal, it helps pass undigested food through the body, helping to properly eliminate it. Increased fluid intake will also help relieve constipation and help pass the gas out of the body that is responsible for causing pain in the chest. Foods that are rich in fiber are often cause for gas build up in the body, and drinking ample amounts of fluids will help to properly digest this fiber. Hot beverages like herbal tea or hot water help to move the gas easily through the digestive tract, releasing it as it naturally should be.

2. Keep Clear of Carbonation

While drinking plenty of fluids is an extremely smart idea for anyone experiencing gas pain in the chest, carbonated drinks may have an opposite effect. Carbonated drinks are filled with gas and will do nothing but to help add to the formation of gas already present in the system. If you thought you were uncomfortable before, just wait until you drink a carbonated beverage. The pain in the chest you experience will only intensify by drinking carbonated drinks. Most carbonated drinks are also laden with sugar, something that is harmful for the system no matter if you’re experiencing gas pain or not.

3. Have Hot Tea

Hot tea is an excellent remedy for many common ailments, and gas pain in the chest is one of them. Try a soothing peppermint tea for last relief from gas pain in the chest. Drinking chamomile tea will help with chest pain caused by excess gas while offering a more relaxed state of mind. Ginger, known for the plethora of health benefits it contains, is also super beneficial. You can even make your own ginger tea by slicing off about a quarter of a ginger root into thin pieces and pouring hot water over it. Let this steep for anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes, strain, and enjoy. Hot herbal teas have an anti-flatulent property that helps to cease the build up of gas in both the chest and stomach.

4. Add In Apple Cider Vinegar

The health benefits of apple cider vinegar are so wide that it is recommended to have a couple tablespoons mixed with water each day to maintain good health and ensure the immune system is functioning at its peak. Apple cider vinegar is a great home remedy for gas pain in the chest and abdomen and helps greatly to aid in digestion. Just a few teaspoons will do the trick to ease discomfort. Simply mix this with some water and drink up when gas pain in the chest is making you uncomfortable. Not only will you reduce gas pain but will get many added health benefits as well.

5. Avoid Dairy Products

If you’re feeling gassy in either the chest or the stomach, dairy products may just well be the culprit. Do you often feel bloated or experience severe discomfort in the chest due to gas? This could be an indication of an intolerance to dairy. If you notice that you’re experiencing gas pain on a regular basis and consume a fair amount of dairy products, this may be a sign that dairy doesn’t sit well with your system. Identify exactly what it is that you’re eating and make a conscious effort to remove it from your diet. You may find that your gas pain discomfort is just a sign of an intolerance to things you’ve been putting in your body without even thinking of how they might affect you.

6. Grab Some Ginger

We mentioned that ginger tea was a great way to take away gas pain in the chest, and while this is an excellent remedy, consuming ginger in any form will undoubtedly get rid of gas pain in an extremely effective manner. Ginger is one of the oldest known natural remedies for a variety of ailments and it will provide unprecedented results when used for gas pain in the chest. To use ginger in a variety of ways, you may want to consume it in small pieces or throw it in the juicer when you are making fresh fruit or vegetable juice. There are also numerous ginger tablets that are available at health food stores across the world that will help to greatly relieve gas pain in the chest.

7. Move Your Body In Different Positions

There are many ways to position the body in order to alleviate gas pain in the chest. Lying down and pressing the legs against the stomach while breathing in, one should try to force the air out of the body as if passing gas naturally. You can also kneel on the bed or couch with your buttocks in the air and head facing down. This position helps to press excess gas out of the body and relieve painful symptoms that are often associated with gas pain in the chest. If you are trying to push air out of your system, be sure the stomach is empty to avoid any embarrassing accidents.

8. Exercise a Bit in Bed

While this may sound like and oxymoron, there are certain exercises you can do while laying in bed that will help to ease gas pain in the both the chest and the abdomen. Cycling the legs in the air will help to bring circulation to the system. You may also scissor the legs back and forth, suspending both in the air. These movements will help to get your system moving, encouraging proper digestion and relieving any pain you might be experiencing in the chest due to gas.

Symptoms, Causes of Gas in Chest Area: Home Remedies and Treatment
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  1. Yep, it is no laughing matter. Sharp pains and chest tightens up to the point I have to breathe shallow for a minute, sweating bullets. But when it's followed 3-5min, sometime 10min, later by a huge belch or 'bubbling guys' it's a relief to me (that it's not a heart attack). Been having these since I was a teen and I'm 35 now, so quite used to it.

    1. Im currently having tightness in the chest due to gas. Been drinking hot water and ginger tea but getting no relief. I even tried excercising a few minutes. I did blech a few time but the symtoms are still there. Its so uncomfortable.

      1. with addition to ginger tea try drinking hot water with black salt and black paper
        do not boil black salt add it before drinking it. It will do the tricks hope it will help you as it did to me

    2. Hear this……went to the ER 3 times panicking because I had difficulty breathing…diagnosed with acute bronchitis…the whole time thinking, does bronchitis cause gas, stomach problems and pressure on the chest? I had no other symptoms…no congestion…no cold symptoms….all the tests they did showed nothing…didn't seem possible it could be bronchitis. Here I am 2 months later, still have gas and pressure on my chest. They had me on antibiotics that were so strong I had to stop them, they had me on steroids, nothing…they put me on an inhaler, nothing. I am convinced it has something to do with my digestive tract. The very first visit to the ER I told them about the gas an pressure and they still diagnosed me with bronchitis….go figure!

      1. I too went to the ER 3 weeks ago as the chest pain was so severe it was dropping me to my knees. I told them that I didnt believe it was my heart. Of course they had to run the tests since my complaint was chest pain. But in the end of course the found nothing and released me with a bronchitis diagnosis. That's ridiculous! 3 weeks later and the pain is coming more frequently and lasting longer.

      2. You may have Pulmonary Hypertension. It's hard to diagnose because symptoms are like any other common illness. My husband knew he was have heart issues for about 10 years before he finally got an abnormal EKG. They ordered an echo and the right side of his heart was massively enlarged. The only way to diagnose is throught heart cath.

    3. Wow same feeling I'm getting. I hate the feelings, I was diagnosed with acid reflux and it seems to be getting worst with the gas. Burping n passing wind. Thought I was having an heart attack too. I thought ginger isn't good while having acid reflux??

    4. Omg I get that too… I started to panic the first couple of times this happened to me. Now I try to relax and walk around and rub where it hurts until I burn then I feel so much better and all my pain is gone.

  2. Suffering from what I believe are gas pains in my chest. It's also causing a sharp stabbing pain into my back. Constipated for over a day now. Pains have been bothering me for about 3 days now. No relief yet. I'm not liking this.

      1. Baking soda. 1/8 th teaspoon to 4 to 6 oz water. Sip it. Don't drink down or will cause worse pain ever. Sip it and then you will start to burp. You will feel a big burp coming and instant relief.

    1. Same here I'm having chest pain and tightening in the chest also just started today. I pray that you will receive comfort in Jesus name. I"m going to try some of these home remedies.

    2. It is well with you…had some discomfort with the gas issues… Used both natural and artificial treatment, none could help… Till I prayed to God and he answered my prayers.

      1. Drink coke it make you belch. My upper back was hurting very bad, after earring oatmeal, omg my left back side was so tight. I tried to vomit, but couldn't. Drank a few sips of coke. Wow, the gas stopped, when I belched.
        I've had sinusitis for 5 weeks. Fluid on ears and lungs. Asthma. Dr gave me metropak, and antibiotics.
        metropak took pain away from sinus. My ear cleared up until last night. Started to hurt again. Couldn't touch outer ear. It was sooo sore. Today no pain. I'm going to doctor in 5 hours. Will have ears checked.the sinus trigger migraines. I've never had this before? I live in Ca, the rain has affected blooms on everything. I don't know what will happen next.
        The metropak is a steroid, it calms inflmation, but get ready to eat everything in sight. I've gained 6 lbs. I can't complain because my sinus felt like Brillo pads were hurting me so bad. The doctor gave me a toad ol shot. Anti inflamitory. Dissent last long, but it definatlely helped. Good luck be persistent. I have a good doc that knows me, for over 30 years.

  3. Been having chest pains il alot.. Cannot sleep sometimes. Went to the ER because it was so bad, i thought i was getting a heart attack. They did many test .everything cameout fine. Ginger tea helps sometimes.. Lets keep praying and eating right..

  4. Glad I found this site I just recently got out of the hospital literally I went to the hospital in fear I was having a heart attack but the test revealed it wasn't that I feel so humbled and grateful it was only gas/acid reflux I have four young elementary children and just the thought of leaving them was frightening and wakeup call for me to treat my body better and continue to give GOD continuous glory and praise gas can be very painful and scary I was awaken by sharp chest pains followed by extreme gas my God it was scary I just prayed and asked GOD to let it be nothing serious and simply gas I still wanted to get it checked out at the hospital so I did and my prayers were answered I'm grateful to come upon this site because the home remedies have been very helpful thanks guys for the advice and GOD Bless

    1. I was recently in hospital to thinking I was having a heart attack , everything came bck normal but im.still having pains in my chest & I hve alot of gas

  5. God bless this sight_ I too have been dealing with this issue for quite sometime! I wish there was something we could do to cure this! The gas has been so fatal it's traveled up my back and into my head neck and ear. I've had gas ever where, I know it to be gas b/c you can make gas move by pushing it in a different direction. This is every day now I notice if more when we eat dinner later

  6. I also have gas problems and at times it is a lack of a good b.m. Once this happens my chest pain usually subsides.During this time I think I am having a heart attack. Having high blood pressure and cholesterol (on meds) keeps me always worried.

    1. same problem but still cant found a permanent solution some tricks work temprary but next day it happens again
      i also feel hedacke when it happens

  7. Thank God I found you all..
    I was so worried that I was suffering from heart attack.
    My chest is paining so badly at times..
    Sometime left sometime right and then centre..
    Then after sometime gas gets out baammm..
    I had fatty liver issues cholesterol and also quit smoking few days ago..
    I thought I am having heart attack symptoms but finally when this baammm gets is a relief..that it's not a heart attack..
    Thanks a lot for sharing this article admin..
    God bless you and all the others suffering from the same..

    1. Check your ferritin levels .. Needs to be around 30-60 the most .. Will cause liver problems. If it is high get and donate blood every two months until you can bring it down. Baking soda and water is one of the best things for gas

  8. I am so glad that I am not alone in this uncomfortableness .I have been suffering for a while myself with GERD. It's nothing nice. I've had every test you could think of. At night is the worst for me. I pray and ask God to relieve the discomfort. I started something new today. After I eat, I go for a walk with my daughter. When I finish my walk, I have a cup of ginger tea to relax the muscles in my stomach. I'm praying this will help. God Bless!

  9. Thank god for this site. I have been suffering from this for a couple of weeks now. Gas everyday, its so painful anf uncomfortable and makes me really anxious when in public. Just tried the apple cider vinegar and immediately felt relief.

  10. I have been experiencing this pain for last three years. I am 24 now. When it started it was not so severe, but now it is getting more worse. But somehow I found a way to pass through this situation. Do not breathe, exhale what you have in your lungs, try to discharge the gas from the mouth just by applying a muscular force on your stomach, they you may have a burp, problem solved. this method takes not more than 30 seconds.
    You know why it happens, in my opinion this is due to bad food we are eating e.g. immense oil cooked food, eating eggs daily, meat more than two times in a week, and bad-habbits of carbonated drinks. Try vegetable, go green, and live green. though its hard to follow, but i am trying and its relieving me.

  11. Tnku all for sharing similar conditions,i am also having chest pain and chest tighteness but n a mild condition last 1 year,but before two months here the climatic conditioned worsened and frequent sneezing and chest infection with breathe shortness disturbed me more,consulted a pulmonologist and she examined and prescribed a course of antibacterial antibiotic tab.but when i started with day 1 heavy chest pain and fever started ,den advised to take hifenac tabs,these continued for 1.5 months of testing my body,but worsened .now consulted a chest physician nd he told it s only due to acidity and gas ,he advised rappid tablets ,it works better for my releif from d begining itself.but at alternate evenings before taking that pill,i feel little fever and chest pain,god ly knows what s my problem…really dissapointed…..

  12. I think im having the same problem. Never had this sort of pain before. Its wierd, i try not to worry, but sometimes i do cuz i get dizzy. Im trying to find a way to eliminate this feeling for good. I have a wife and two kids to give all my attention too, but the symtoms sometimes dont let me. Even at work its harder to be comfortable and focused. The reason i know it might be gas is because i too went to the er thinking it might have been a heart attack and they did the ekg and bood test and they said my heart was functioning normally and sent me home with no medication and recommended to drink plenty of fluids and vigorous excersise because they kinda labeled it an anxiety attack do to stress. I believe in god also and know he will heal me soon enough. I wish everybody the best of luck and relief. The pain will end!

  13. To relieve gas pains in my chest, it sounds silly, but I turn onto my stomach and pull my knees up under my abdomen and chest area just like babies do when they are colicky. I stay like that for a minute or two then get up and move around. I repeat the process until I feel the bubbles and hear the gurgles that mean I will be expelling the gas. Then the pressure is off and I sleep comfortably.

  14. I m having mild pain around my chest … its like pain comes and goes… some time my stomach get so hard and i lay down on my stomach and its like baaaaam……
    Having this problem from 6 months …. burping ,passing gas all the day …damn this problem..
    I will do these remedies and will let u all know..

  15. Thank God for this site. Im six weeks from my due date and im having all these symptoms i thought i was having a heart attack. But the baking soda mixed with hot water gave me such releif

  16. Hi.
    I have several chest gas that I can't breath. Thight chest and bloating stomach very uncomfortable.
    I rushed to urgent room they did an ekg and said no heart issues, but I'm so uncomfortable. I'm going to a long trip overseas in a week.
    Don't know what to do.

  17. i'm so mad I didn't find this site sooner. Went to the hospital like many others concerned with chest pains and bloating etc. they found nothing and sent me on my way but the pain persisted. Went to my Dr later on and she diagnosed me with GERD. I've been on meds that completely eliminated the heart burn but the gas in the chest remained. I tried most of the remedies but the sit ups did wonders. Now whenever I get the chest pain I bang out 25-50 sit ups and I feel like a new man. The tea and baking soda doesn't do shit for me.

    1. Even I do have this problem, I don't feel chest pain but my heartbeat goes fast when it happens…I checked from cardiologist and found my heart normal but I diagnosed with tachycardia so he gave me medicine for 3 months, I still feel gas and acidic problem daily

  18. Sigh, I've been having this same problem for the last 5 days. Basically what had happened was I went with my friends to go watch a movie and after that, we smoked weed (I hardly ever smoke, I quit since this has happened though) the next day, I woke up to really bad stabbing around my heart. I was very frightened, thinking I was gonna die or something. It's now Sunday, and this occured Tuesday going onto Wednesday night. Yesterday it was getting better and not hurting as much but then it gets really bad at night. I'm only 18 & my mom keeps telling me it's gas but I'm not even sure if it is. It happens throughout the day randomly, and ever since it first started happening, I started eating healthier and drinking LOTS of water. And now I usually get a random small twitch somewhere around my body, whether it be my leg or something else, also something around my left arm hurts, its weird and sometimes I get some weird chills on the back of my head. I'm not even sure what's wrong but I thought I'd comment since I see many people having the same little small stabbing pain around their hearts. I hope it is gas though, getting it checked out tomorrow morning. Oh and yeah, after we smoked weed, we got food and carbonated drinks. Before that night, I was eating really unhealthy, fast food almost everyday but since then, I have stopped eating fast food.

    1. Can you give me an update, I have a very similar symptoms. I'm 33 years old and went to neurologist and he said everything is fine

  19. Informative. I thought Iam suffering from this problem alone. Iam 47 yrs old sometimes I feel Iam dieying and then I cry uncontrollably whether Iam in public place or in a market. This has been going on for last three yrs.Now I have accepted the fate but worry only for my children. God please help me out.

  20. I have been feeling gasy and even kind like mild annoying like chest pain and it gets scary to think that it could be heart problems.I have been eating pickels and cucumbers for anxiety and hot flashes it helps with them but causes other problems and I'm thinking that's giving me to much gas bubbles,there not any fun.

  21. I've been dying from these same pains most of the night, and I read someone's comment to drink a glass of water fast. I did and it has helped. Ty. Finally some relief!!

  22. I have had this most of my adult life. Alka-Seltzer is the best remedy for me. I drink it as fast as I can. Also if that's not available drink hot water as fast as you can.

  23. I have been suffering with Gas pains for almost a year, went to the ER many times with GERD and even had H Pylori. (get checked for that, its a major chest pain starter). What i found to work the best for gas is sittups/crunches. Yes, crunches. Its very hard, but natural. Try doing about 30-50 in reps of 10, then drink some nice hot tea or soup or poridge. I like poridge more because its warm and heavy (cornmeal poridge). It works like a charm.
    WHen it gets really bad, just go to costco and buy GasX. its the best i have used. Only dont take it 4 times a day as it says on the bottle, that stresses your system. Take 1 every morning for 5 days with breakfast, take it even if you dont feel gassy. However, check for H.Pylori, it is also very bad. the pain also mimics a heart attack.

  24. Thank you for this site , I just found out that I'm having gallbladder attacks my gallbladder is inflamed and I should see a surgeon and more than likely have it removed this was per my ER doctor that I seen a week ago but woke up last night early this morning thinking I was having a heart attack I was having such chest pains yes I do have a lot of belching with a gallbladder issue but never the chest pains when I realized it was gas my 12 year old woke up with me at 4:30 in the morning and actually padded my back like a child to help me Belch I had not found this site until today and I am on my way to the store now to try to find some ginger tea and a heating pad and I'm going to try anything I can from this site to help because yes I still have the chest pain and belching all I'm doing is belching but with no relief thanking all y'all for putting our story's out there for all to read , I do not feel alone but most of all thank you to my 12 yr old for burping your mother this morning lol

    1. Had diseased gall bladder removed and gas is worse. Poor digestion now. Severe gas, had stress test today . Thanks to Justus Christ for his healing power

  25. A few years ago I had bad chest pains I thought it was gas. I was hurting so bad I went to the ER, found out it scaridosis of the lungs. If you can't find relief after hours go get checked out!

  26. I've had a heavy feeling around my chest a couple of days ago I had to go to hospital to get it checked out but they said my heart was fine I also feel light headed dies anyone else feel like this and if so could someone tell me what the best remedy is please

  27. Hi everyone, I have been suffering from these gss pain since I was a child. I am now 43 years old. I haven't had the trapped gas pain in a while. I gave up fried goods, fsdt foods, and soda. But the past two weeks I have had surgery back to back a week apart due to huge kidney stones blocking the kidney and ureter. I had a stent inserted first week then second week laser surgery to break down two stones one 7mm the other 12cm. The anesthesia and pain killers have done a number on my body including backed up bowels and constipation. Yesterday I woke up with gas pains and while I waited for hubby to go get me some mylanta, I made myself a lemon ginseng green tea with pure honey. As I was drinking it I began to burp by the time he got back I didn't need the mylanta cause I felt better. So….today this morning I woke up with the same pain again, so I took mylanta hoping it'll help, nope! It didn't!! It slowly went away on its own so I decided to eat lunch left over veggie spaghetti with ground beef I had made yesterday. I was sooooo hungry I ate it with pleasure. Yikes!! I began to feel my tummy get bloated with gas! I had backed up bowels due to anesthesia and narcotic pain killers. The pain was horrible I could not breathe walk or talk but hurry to the bathroom n try to poop. O did poop a lot finally after days of trying to. I took a nap and the gas pains again woke me up attacking me soooo bad it began to hurt my back neck and spread to my arms and rib cage forming more air bubbles traveling at a full speed causing so much pain and discomfort. Mylanta, again did nothing to relief it. So I made myself the tea I made yesterday and sip it slowly as I was reading all of your comments on this site and then I began to burp and pass gas (flatulence) little by little. I am still in discomfort as I'm typing this not it HSS relieved itself a little bit. The pain still radiates yo my left shoulder arm, but I'm hoping it goes away soon. My heart and thoughts and prayers ate with you all. I know how annoying and painful this is making us feel so miserable. Not every remedy listed works on everybody. But for me, hot tea seems to help a little and walking around too. Good luck to you all and God bless you all. Peace!

  28. My chest pain is back again. I was diagnose of GERD before. Been to so many laboratory exams. Even colonoscopy and endoscopy. Was suffered too much of pain, constipation, excessive bloating and gas passing out like every 5mins. I stop the meds they recommended me then after that i felt better. I avoided dairy products. All of it. And those fruits and vegestables that causes acid and gas to the body. I was fine til this past few weeks. I started feeling like before again. Cos i started eating those foods i avoided before trying to gain weight. I am so skinny and really wanna gain back my weight. I Guess i need to avoid all foods i avoided before again. It's just so hard to have this kind of desease.

  29. I have acid reflux and I usually get chest pains when I drink pop but I stopped drinking pop and now getting pains in middle if the night and during the day. Glad I have an appt with my gastroenterologist in December. Somethings off and not right. I shouldn't be so gassy being on prescription and over the counter stomach meds.

  30. What do I do my pain is right around my heart. I was taking Nexium but my ins… Stop covering it.I have really bad acid reflex. I now take Esomeprazole. Sometime I take Gasx and it goes away.

  31. I've had the exact same problem for years , peppermint tea helps a lot .Drinking it a few times a day makes a huge difference.

  32. My chest pain has been going on for 3days on my right side sorta stings a bit and feels uncomfortable but can't go to hospital cuz my gf is already in the hospital and nobody to watch my kids so trying to look for a home remedy for pain just until my gf gets out the hospital…plz help

  33. ~~~and I thought I was the only one…..! I get the same pain , it feels as though my chest is going to explode with pain. It mostly happens at night, when I am in bed and relaxed. Begins in the chest area and just expands, making me sit straight up in bed.. I take 4 Gas X's, drink a cup of very hot water, and a Xantac…I'm trying to find what triggers these episodes,….green peppers are killers, too much soda, dairy…the list goes on and on. ..I am going to try some of these remedies to see what helps, …I have a friend who had the same things and she said Protonix helped her immensely….Have an appt with GI doc next week, praying for a cure!! God Bless you all!!

    1. I have an adverse reaction to nightshade foods. They cause some of this issue along with sores near the groin (sorry graphic, but I wanna help others going through this) and near the armpits that have to be drained. They leave pocmark like scars and sometimes drain more than once. It's awful. When I cut all nightshades out of my diet, I don't get those at all and my stomach issue still jappen, but are significantly lessened.

  34. Would be great if someone outlined few remedies that actually work; sounds like ginger tea might be helpful, black salt. Possible body positions to get rid of gas.
    Can anyone provide further feedback on how you are able to get rid of gas quickly?
    I'm too struggling from the same condition, these chest pains throw me into a serious anxiety, can't really help but think of the worst. Every time it happens I'm on the edge, doctors can't really help much besides in terms of diagnosis. Your basic Naxium prescription, which hasn't helped yet in my case, but I've been taking it for just over a week now.
    Hopefully we can all learn to manage this strange feeling and carry on with our lives.
    Good luck everyone!

  35. Drink half cup water with a teaspoon of baking soda. Might need to keep mixing it with spoon as it quickly settles to the bottom of glass. It will taste like salty, slightly thicker water, but if you can down it, it will help! Guranteed you will be having some intense burping in a half hour, that will relieve your pressire/pain! Repeat as necessary! (Note: do not use the opened baking soda in your frig- it will taste like all the odors it's consumed! I keep an opened container in a ziploc, in the cabinet, for this and baking only!)

  36. This gas is no joking matter ! Especially in the chest & shoulder area, I have it really bad, I usually wake up with it. Most OTC meds don't help. I get up & try to move around. I can hear it bubbling , After suffering for awhile it finally goes away. Makes me hate to go to bed because I fear waking up again with it ! This pain is excruciating. So I completely sympathize with you all. Glad I found this site & know that I'm not the only one suffering ! God bless

    1. Never had this happened to me till 3 days ago thinking my lungs were going to collapse or having some kind of heart problems.. its been 3 days and still feel the pain.. is there a cure for this??

  37. Omg this is so helpful to all of us I start having a lot of chest pains o. My right side with lots of gas, burping on the continuous it wouldn't go away having bowel issues as well, then I got a Lil scared thinking my heart valve or lungs were at risk!! I went to the ER they took xrays and I prayed they took EKG And I just ask the lord please let me be OK, both test were perfectly normal and they just thought it was strange that the belching was connected to The pain in chest, but they just treated it as a pulled muscle

  38. Hi all,

    I got a pain near the right side of chest a week ago and after that it has been shifting and paining in the centre and left side of the chest and later that is 3 days before it settled at the left side of the chest that is near the heart and went to a doctor he advised me some medicines which have no effect on my pain
    Can I get help and will this is for sure a gas problem or any other.
    Plz Plz help me out .

  39. Found this site because i am also suffering from gas and chest pains, woke in the morning 3 days ago i thought i was having a heart attack.. its good to know now that its only gas but still painful.

  40. It's mostly a gas problem. It comes out both ends ? I hate it cause my abdomen is full of gas and then goes in my back and chest. So don't worry it's not heart. Been to hospital everything fine

  41. its very useful all your conversations friends im so reviled that im not only one person that sufering this problem i also got pain in chest ,back and to my doctor he do ecg nothing thier frids please try gem DSR for gas problam

  42. Thankfully I found this site.. Just got woke up at 2am had major pain and a lot of bulches and regular gas.. Had the pain for AN HOUR.. OMG.. Finally had to look online for something.. Started reading noticed most of the remedies isnt what I buy.. Because of my back hurting while trying desperately to find comfort in bed to go back to sleep; finally got up to sit in the living room as to not distrupt my partner from sleeping.. Finally have some relieve after drinking cold water.. Warm water didnt help.. Hot water made it worse.. But cold water from the fridge helped.. Sat here now (3:31 am) for a good 15 mins without pain.. Belching stopped 12 mins ago.. But for that whole hour I was in torment pain.. Might have to try some of the home remedies on here but for now cold water helped.. 12/23/2016

  43. I have the same problem of gas and acidity. Due to this chest pain on left, right and centre felt to me for many days. I have got a wonderful remedy for this problem which i want to share with u all. This will help you to get rid of acidity in 10 days. After every meal take 1 tea spoon of coriander powder with out water. this will make your system alkaline. To clear the gastric pain one glass of lukewarm water will help.

  44. I feel kind of silly. I have been having panic attacks over this. I think it is related to stress, but went to the er CHRISTMAS NIGHT worried, treated like an idiot. Oh well. Heating up some tea now.

  45. I have been dealing with Gas pains for years Hate it .it is so painful I was up from 2AM til 4Am with horrible chest pains last night. I think it effects me more when I am constipated. Today I am exhausted from it!

  46. please someone help me… iv had the ECGS and the ECHODIAGRAM… The doctor says they are all fine… please if someone can tell me is it gas pain that radiates from the center or left side of the chest to the shoulder, back, elbow and hand????? sometimes i feel like some has placed thumb right in the centre of the rib cage…

  47. OMG, Been dealing with gas pain in the chest for 4 days now. Tried over the counter meds with temporary results. Just has a cup of hot water with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and within a few minutes I burped, passed gas and chest tightness is gone. Try it

  48. I have been suffering with gas pains for years and the anxiety it brings makes it even worsed! I was diagnosed with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and prescribed with prilosec once daily before a meal. Ive been experiencing horrible chest and back pain, that radiates to my arms. Gas bubbles in my stomach.. thinking i was having heart attack. And here comes anxiety attack, makes me panic but one thing ive learn. Even if its hard to stay cool and keep calm ill try the very best i can to ease my worries. Cause when you panic, it will make your condition worsed! Instead have a sip of hot chamomille, ginger or peppermint tea to calm your tummy, it helps you pass gas,take a walk and exercise a little. It helps… and taking antacids too may help to control the release of acids that causes acid to regurgitate and backs up to the esophagus that causes chest and back pains too.

  49. Been getting chest pains quite often of late,I find sipping cold Water helps a lot,tried tea and other drinks but cold water seems to be the best.

  50. I'm really confused about it. It's good that I found this place to express my thoughts. I feel sorry yet satisfied that we all are here sharing this all important information about the gas pains etc but besides eating healthy and medicine, I need to know if their is any physical exercise that is effective. Furthermore, is there a possibility at all of chest congestion without having seen any symptoms of cough at all.

  51. Having bad chest pains right now, glad I found this site as it eased the anxiety. My chest also has a tickling sensation so that makes me worried, and the middle of my chest burns even though I believe that may just be acid reflux. My back hurts and won't stop popping in certain areas and it is quiet painful, is that normal or is it something I should be worried about? I am almost positive it is just gas considering how much bubbling is in my stomach, but it is still scary to think about any heart issues that I may be ignoring thinking it is just gas.

  52. Thank God I've found this site. I have been getting pain in my chest under my right breast upper rib cage, for a few years. Once it was really really bad, I thought I was getting a ❤ attack I was driving my 10 yrs old son to school, I hurridlly drop him off pull over and call 911, paramedics rush me to the ER, run all the test. Thank God it wasn't ❤ attack. God is great, all praises is due to him. One table spoon of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water can do the trick, it is also very good for other heath problems.Thank you all for sharing your experience, it really help. Hope you all get well by God grace. God bless.

  53. I am 32 with the same problem. I went to the ER and everything was fine, they then did an ultrasound of my chest and stomach and told me it was gas. I was given a liquid prescription that I never took because I am not fond of prescribed meds. Anyway, I am still having the feeling but at ease knowing it's just gas Thank God.

  54. I've been to so many doctors and all my ekg and stress test came back normal they drawers blood checking for everything and all came back negative I'm 29 year old female and have chest pain sometimes and I believe anxiety attacks didn't have any of these symptoms until a miscarriage I had in august 2016 any suggestions on what I could do

  55. Been through same problem for past 6 years plus an anxiety. It's worse cause tightening chest trigger my anxiety and makes it harder to relieve. Recently taking virgin coconut oil and some positive changes show on both. Maybe it will works wonder for others too. Good luck.

  56. What I hate is trying to sleep and depending on what side you lay on having the chest pain just gnaw at your heart. I've been trying to gain weight so upped my calories a lot this week. Have had some fatty foods I haven't had in a while. And bango – pain. I'm 44 yr female.

  57. Hi, everyone can the pain be dull and hard, or is wind pain always share
    ? So worried Pleaseeeeeeee help? Thank you and GOD BLESS.

  58. Hell everyone I have pain on my left chest can anybody pls that how long this pain lasts iam in pain from past four days and taking tablets empty stomach as adviced by doctor he says it's a symptoms of gassy problem..iam taking medicines but still pain is same no change no relief at all..can anyone tell me some remedies for fast relief….

  59. I've been dealing with this gas/pressure pain in my chest and back for close to 10 years now. I first experienced it after being a complete glutton (company paid for us to chow down at Ruth Chris' Steak House and I treated that as a personal mission to eat as much as I could). I've experienced it periodically throughout the years, almost always when I overindulged/overate.

    Usually it is just annoying and would wake me from sleep, which I'd have a hard time falling back to sleep, it was mostly just discomfort and tiredness. On occasion, it would be really painful, but that was rare. And usually the best cure was to get some sleep. Once I fell asleep and could sleep for a bit, it would go away.

    Then about 2 weeks ago I started experiencing it daily, despite eating very little (diet). I did eat a bit more one night (still didn't eat a ton, just more than my usual really small amount) and it was spicy (Jambalaya). Then I was experiencing it every day, but always long before I went to sleep (which was new). My friend thought I had acid reflux since it was starting a couple hours after I ate at night (always after my last meal of the day, never prior). So I started taking doses of Pepto and taking Prilosec OTC (a 14-day treatment plan, not intended for immediate relief) along with being really careful. I finally had 3 days of feeling just fine. Then I pushed it and ate a bit extra one day (this past Saturday) and I was in agony for over 24 hours – until just a few hours ago. Well, most of that time I was in agony and it finally started to recede by Monday morning/today. I barely slept and tried so many things to relieve it. I don't know if they made it get worse or just didn't work but I was miserable. I'd NEVER had it last for so long. And even if I did manage to doze off and felt like it was going away, as soon as I got up it came back full force.

    I read through all these comments and I tried some things that were mentioned and have a few others to add. The things that I think finally helped were doing some situps/crunches and back stretches, sipping on hot water with baking soda, sipping on peppermint tea, and guzzling cold water. I also feel massage helps – I have a chair massager and would use that with the heat setting on.

    One thing I found that seemed to be the magic thing that FINALLY got rid of it ALL (I was still experiencing it, but to a much lesser degree, but was getting so tired of it being around at all for so long) was sucking on those peppermint candies. I'd gone to the grocery store to get Gas X and tums (as recommended by the pharmacist at the store when I told him what I was experiencing) and some chicken noodle soup and saltines (I'm not chancing it and will only eat bland stuff for a few days). I started sucking on a couple of those peppermints and by the time I could get back home and try to sleep some more, I didn't feel ANY MORE PRESSURE PAIN! I had a bit of trouble falling asleep only because I could feel how hungry I was (only had less than a half cup of white rice and less than 3 triscuits in over 36 hours). I didn't even get a chance to use the Gas X or tums – only thing I did differently was those peppermint candies. So I HIGHLY recommend having those on hand. They're cheap and easy to take, plus you'll have the benefit of better breath. 🙂

    I was just at the point where I was ready to go to an urgent care clinic despite not having any health insurance. I was relieved to read many of these comments of those of you who went to the ER/doctor and had your hearts tested and were fine, since I'd googled the symptoms and one site claimed these symptoms could be signs of angina.

  60. Well I'v been having this pain for about 17 years now, but when the first episode happened it was my gallbladder it woke me up out of a dead sleep so I got that took out & I'm still having the same pains as when I had my gallbladder !! I don't know if it's gas cuz I never have gas when this chest pain happens but I'm always bloated I can not eat a lot of food because of it & I'm always constipated I usually only go number 2 about 3 maybe 4 times a month sometimes less.. Hope I find out what this is thanks for all the info… And I'm almost 36 as well.

    1. if you only having bowel movement 3-4 times a month and you eat everyday go to a specialist pronto i had a friend that experience the d=same and ended up with colon cancer please that is not normal once your are eating you should have a bowel movement 72 hours after

  61. Hi,Hope this helps Try Rennies 2 tablets chew fast get into liquid swallow ,goes very quickly,I get thrown to floor ,it is very bad as most of you know.I have COPD .As I said it works very time,I have them in every coat pocket,

  62. Help y'all.. I don't know what it is. I too have been to the ER on several occasions heart is fine. I still think it's my heart. It has actually crippled me. I have panic attacks short of breath and feel like I'm gonna faint. I work with the public and I have a great fear that I'm gonna faint. What is it. I'm having an attack now.. I believe God is gonna heal us all in Jesus Name.. Thank you for all the information.

  63. Well I have also had the symptoms that cause cramping in chest and face it hurts.I find deep breathing helps and I had an essential oil that I gOT as a gift called Breathe by Doterra essential oil that you can rub on your hands and put your hands over your nose,and mouth and deep breathe and it takes it away or an essential oil mister will do the trick at the side of your bed with it in. Also an essential oil from Purify skin therapy called Respiratory works if used as suggested above. For me a total body massage works also. Good luck a hard problem to deal with

  64. I find nothing works better than Coke or Pepsi, even though this article said it's a "no-no." Went to ER last month and had stress test which was normal Doctor said nothing wrong with my heart. So when it began again, I knew there was something more going on. My son said "indigestion?" Never thought of that. Grabbed a Pepsi, belched and it's gone. Going to stick with the Pepsi unless it stops causes more pain.

  65. I was 18 when I started experiencing this and I'm 36 now. I thought it was s heart problem. Often I eat late and a lot of fibre and dairy. Now i know it's indigestion. Thanks to this site.

  66. Hello everyone I am 32, and for a long time now I've been having the same problem as everyone tightening in the chest and really bad pain as if I was having a heart attack made me cry and break down to my knees in having real bad pain as I write this. I usually lay on my left side in bed and pain starts to go away. When I lay on my right side is like the pain comes back I live my life freak out because of these gases I tried some home remedies but seem to have no success at times been to ER like 6 times and they tell me the same thing and the also run heart test x-rays the whole 9 yards

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