Types of Pain on the Left Side of the Body: Treatment and Causes

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Here you can find one of the most common reasons of the left side back pain:

Wrong posture

This is very common. When you are standing or sitting in an incorrect manner or there are some orthopedic troubles with your feet all that together can lead to develop lordosis. And that can be a direct reason of one side back pain as well. Then you should start some physiotherapy to get feel better.


Back pain during pregnancy, especially on the left side, is a very common problem. There are few reasons why such pain can appear. First of all the growing child and growing uterus can make some extra pressure to a delicate body structures including several nerves. Besides it some hormonal changes in a body of pregnant women can make her to be more sensitive for any discomfort in her body. Moreover uterus and a baby are heavy especially at the end of pregnancy so it is perfectly normal situation to feel back pain and it can be also on the left side.

Kidney infection

As it has been already mentioned above problems with kidneys can give a painful feeling not only in the abdomen area, but most of the time you will experience very strong pain in your backs. Depending on which kidneys there is infection it will correlate with the same side of your back. But there are many medications that can bring you relief.
As you can see many different types of reasons can lead to the left side pain. It can be also leg pain, arm and hand pain, also head pain on the left side is possible.

Home treatment can give you some rest for a while, however most of the time you need to consult your health problem with a doctor as a serious left side pains can be a first signal of a dangerous disease.

Types of Pain on the Left Side of the Body: Treatment and Causes
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  1. What would case consent pressure feeling just on the left side of a woman just under the rib cage of her body?

    1. Linda I have the same situation. Please if you find out what causes yours please let me know. I have had blood test showing my liver enzymes was high. And 3 months before that my red blood cells was abnormaly large and my red blood count was low. I also was dignosed with very high colesteral ahd that was the bad colesteral that is high. I would just like answers and not another pill. I also was diagnosed with GARD, whuch is gasteral acid reflux disorder. I’m 53 and falling apart from the inside out.

      1. Hi Celeste,

        Did you ever receive an answer to your question? I have the same issue, just not consistent pain.

  2. I have had blood work done, 2 CT scans, EGD, all came back normal! I still have stoach and rib pain on my left side! I’m so worried.

    1. I had surgery Feb 2017 for a hiatal hernia, but when she cut me there was a plum size mass (benign) it was wrapped in lots of nerves which she had to cut. No Hiatal hernia. Now my left arm shakes down to my hand. Also my ribs move over something and I have to stretch, very painful. They say it’s nothing! I’m a Caregiver and can’t work because I can’t transfer a person from a wheelchair to a bed etc.

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