Types of Pain on the Left Side of the Body: Treatment and Causes

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Types of Pain on the Left Side of the Body - Treatment and CausesMaybe you just lie down on your sofa, try to relax after work and suddenly you realize you feel some strange pain or discomfort directly on the left side of your stomach. It can be nothing special, maybe you have just eaten too much, but if it is strong pain or it stays for a long time you should have not ignored it.

There are several different causes of pain in the left side of your belly and body as well. Treatment of such pain always depends on its reason.

Left side of our body contains all different parts of our body, so it includes left part of chest, abdomen, neck and others. If you feel pain of the left side it can be caused by different kinds of reasons. However the most of the time such pain in left side is a chest pain as well as left side abdomen pain.

What Organs Are Located On The Left Side Of Your Body?

Many different organs are located on the left side of our bodies. Are you curious why you feel pain exactly on the left side? Let`s have a look on all of the organs that can be found in our bodies on the left side. Of course most of these organs have another partner organ located on the right side. So it works like a mirror.

Here you are some of the main organs or parts of the body that can be associated with pain in the left side of the body: Human organs

  • Left lung
  • Left kidney
  • Left half of the large intestine
  • The spleen
  • The stomach
  • Left adrenal gland
  • Left ovary in woman
  • Left fallopian tube in woman
  • Left edge of the liver
  • Left urethra
  • The descending colon
  • The heart
  • Body and tail of the pancreas
  • Sigmoid colon

If something is wrong with one of these structures it can induce pain that you feel on the left part of the body.

Causes Of Pain In Left Side

So we know what kind of part of the body or which organ can give us feeling of the left side pain but what is a cause of such pain in the left abdominal area? Here you are the most common causes that usually needs to be checked by your family doctor and treatment might be required:

Chest Pain On The Left Side

Heart attack

That is probably most of the time first thought when you experience suddenly pain in your chest on the left side. So heart attack is of course possible. It can happen when a blood flow will stop to some part of your heart, than muscle of heart will be damaged. But you need to remember that not all of the strong pains in the left side of the chest area are because of heart attack. Most of the time that can happen as a result of some lungs infections for instance. It can be also from your throat, muscles, and ribs or even from nerves in this body region.

If this is really a heart attack you will experience few important symptoms. It is severe pain in a left side of your chest; it can be like a heartburn feeling. Pain can spread over your shoulders, arms, back, neck. It will take for at least few minutes. Together with strong pain you will feel breathing troubles, nausea, a cold sweat. Most probably you will be very weak and tired. In such situation of course fast medical help is needed.

Coronary artery disease

It is the situation when the blockage in the heart veins decreases blood stream and oxygen to the heart muscle. It is a group of heart diseases that are very dangerous. It includes different types of angina and heart attack (myocardial infarction) as well as a sudden cardiac death. Pain can travel from the left side of your chest to your arm, shoulder, jaw and back even. It can be feeling like you have something very heavy or some kind of pressure on your chest.

Esophageal touchiness

This is a situation of very painful sensation around your throat. It can make a feeling like a left side chest pain as well. However the real reason of such disorder is not clear.


Pleurisy (known as pleuritis) is an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the lungs. It is possibly cause by a viral or bacterial infection. It can make you feel pain on the left side chest area, especially while you breathing or sneeze while you have a running nose. The most well-known causes for such pleuritic pain on the left side are simple infections or more serious situation as a aspiratory embolism or pneumothorax.


To be honest it can happen quite often that you feel the real heavy pain in your left side chest area and there is the only reason for it. It is too much stress. Anxiety can make you feel similar pain as during heart attack. The same can happen when you have panic attack. When you think that can be your problem and the pain around chest is prolonged you should contact with your physician to exclude any other serious and life threatening medical conditions.

Physical wounds

Of course it can also happen to get injury around your chest. This is always very dangerous situation. Straining a muscle or squeezing a nerve in such area will result also in the left side pain.


Pneumonia is a serious disease caused by inflammation of the lower piece of the lung. It can result in upper left side abdomen pain. Of course fever and heavy cough will increase your bad mood. Strong coughing can also provoke more pain in an abdomen.

Abdomen Pain On The Left Side

Most of the time when you experience pain on the left side of your body it is because of some problems within your abdomen region. Of course it is more often situation for woman, especially for a lower abdomen pain. It is also common to feel some discomfort from the higher abdomen area for the elderly.

Food poisoning

That can happen quite often. Even if you are extremely careful with buying or preparing food there is always some possibility of food poisoning. If that is the case you will probably get high fever, vomiting can occurs and also you will experience strong pain in the left side of the abdomen. The pain will probably occur up to 48 hours after eating contaminated, old or bad quality food.


When you have a problem with bowel movements that are hard to pass or not regular, it can turn out into constipations. Then it is very possible you will start to feel very heavy, you will feel abdominal pain. Healthy diet rich in fibers and fresh fruits and vegetables can prevent belly pain caused by constipation.

Kidney stones

This is a very common health problem that can happen suddenly. Pain of the stone passing to the urethra can be extremely strong. You can feel sharp pain in your abdomen or/and in a back bone area, it can spread over your body. You can have problems with urinate and your body can start to swell. In such situation you need to search for medical help rather fast.


This is also not nice to experience hernia. It can be very painful on the left side of your abdomen. Hernia is the situation when an organ (very often bowel) exits through the wall from the place it normally resides. It happens quite often in an abdomen area. When hernia is placed on the left side it will lead to pain in the left part abdomen. Besides it, hernia can cause symptoms similar to bowel obstruction as well.

Psoas abscess

This is somehow dangerous situation that can end up with developing tuberculosis. Psoas abscess is usually a result of some infection localized in the psoas muscle. In such situation the puss is accumulated in the psoas muscle, you can experience swelling and not nice pain in the left region of your abdomen. In addition to the pain, this disorder can also cause a poor appetite, weight loss, swelling and sweats during night.


It is a common condition for quite a lot of women. It is a difficult to diagnose as the heavy pain is usually seen during menstruation. When pain is on the left side of lower abdomen we can expect that endometriosis focus on the left ovary, tube or beginning of the large bowels. Sometimes some swelling can be perceptible in a left side of the lower abdomen. Generally endometriosis in caused by not normal situation when womb tissue is growing outside the womb.

Kidney infection (also known as ‘pyelonephritis’)

When you got a kidney infection it will make you difficult to pass urine. You can also experience very painful urine retention. If the left kidney is infected you will feel pain mainly on the left side of your body, especially abdomen. Pain can be really strong. To analyze your kindey`s infection you should make an urine analysis in diagnostic laboratory. Some extra kindey`s echo can be done additionally.

Bowel cancer

There can be a plenty of symptoms of bowel cancer that persists for few months or years. Most probably you can feel weak. You can lose your weight because of loss of appetite. You will go to the toilet much often also during the night. Bowel cancer can cause strong pain in the left part of your abdomen. Of course you need to remember there are plenty of other bowel diseases with similar symptoms. So it can be Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn`s disease, ulcerative colitis, chronic constipation and celiac disease. If you are experiencing above symptoms you should visit doctor as fast as possible.

Crohn`s disease

This is a serious bowel disease that happens often to young people and it is a chronic problem. It gives many different symptoms from your intestine such as durable diarrhea, bowel bleeding, lost of weight and loss of appetite. It is connected with severe pain in the left part of your lower abdomen, as it can affect the sigmoid or descending colon. It is considered as an inflammatory bowel disease and it is difficult to diagnose and to cure.

Ectopic pregnancy

Such situation can happen at the beginning of pregnancy which is not regular as the baby is growing outside the womb. It will give severe left or right abdominal pain and also vaginal bleeding. There are some other symptoms you need to take into account, like feeling dizzy and weak; you can also feel unspecific pain in your shoulder. Ectopic pregnancy needs to be treated as fast as possible, otherwise a severe blood loss is possible what can lead to death finally.

Bowel obstruction

This is also very dangerous for your health situation. Severe pain on the left side of your abdomen can appear as a result of the left side bowel obstruction. When it is really hard obstruction it can lead to many unpleasant symptoms like vomiting, cramps and heavy pain. When it is total obstruction you can have a problem even to pass a gas.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (known as IBS)

This is one of the most popular of the bowel problems nowadays. It is very common and it can be identified by multiple of symptoms. Abdominal cramps as well as gas or bloating, diarrhea or on the contrary constipation and general pain on the left side of the abdomen and stomach are the main symptoms of mystery Irritable Bowel Syndrome. IBS is a disorder that gives a structural problems but also binds a psychological aspects.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm

This is a serious disorder caused by a deformation in the aorta which is a major blood vessel responsible for carrying blood from the heart to the rest parts of the body. Abdominal aortic aneurysm is a situation where aorta is changing her shape, it is stretched and start to leak. That can carry blood away from the heart. That can be also responsible for a decrease in a blood pressure. It can develop strong pain in the lower left abdominal region. It can also cause back pain as well. Person that suffers from an abdominal aortic aneurysm can fall suddenly, may have a drop in a blood pressure and become very pale and cold at once.

Ovarian cyst

Sometimes ovarian cysts are not so dangerous and it can even disappear spontaneously without any treatment. But it can also happen that treatment is necessary and cyst is dangerous. When it is big it can also caused sudden and severe pain of the lower abdomen. When cyst is placed on the left side you will mainly feel strong pain on that side of the abdomen which can often spread over to other parts of the body like the thighs.

Trapped wind or too much gases

That trouble can make us feel quite embarrass, cause the symptoms are loud bowel noises, cramps pain, bloating. Of course such additional gas located in a belly can cause not nice left side abdominal pain. Let the wind pass is the best cure for this kind of pain.

Rectus sheath haematoma

This is also not comfortable situation that lead to severe pain on the left side of your abdomen. This can happen when one of the blood vessels is damaged so blood can accumulates under the muscles in the affected area.

Gastric volvulus

It can happen not so often but still, the stomach can twists on itself. There are two ways that can happen. One side can flip onto the other either along the axis or while the upper part of stomach flips down. The symptoms of a gastric volvulus are a severe abdominal pain and nausea without vomiting. It can happen finally that patient will begin vomiting with blood.


Pancreatitis usually starts with a strange pain just above your belly button. This condition can be as a result of alcohol intake several days before first symptoms.

Pancreatic cancer

Cancer of pancreas will also lead to a severe abdominal pain. Of course other symptoms will occur. You need to pay attention on a very fast weight loss, change in bowel habits, pale stools, loss of appetite and jaundice.


Diverticulitis is the medical problem especially for the people older than 60 years old. Diverticulitis is a very common reason of pain in the lower part of the abdomen, especially on the left side. Diverticulitis is responsible for a chronic pain in the colon.

Neck Pain On The Left Side

Many major or minor injuries can take place around your neck. That can be the reason of neck pain and it can be limited to the left side alone. Here you can find some of the most popular causes of left side neck pain.

Muscle tension

It is the most popular reason of neck pain in general. It can be caused by wrong sleeping position or working too long in front of computer.

Poor posture

When you are sitting in an incorrect way you can have problems with pain in your neck.

Whiplash injury

When you were not too careful and during making some sport it happened that your spine was harmed it can cross into unspecific pain in your neck. Of course it can be painful on the left or right side or both at the same time.

Back Pain On The Left Side

This is a very common medical trouble nowadays. Around 60% of adults complain about at least one extremely strong pain from their back. Such pain can be transferred also into the hip or into the leg. Back pain can vary between mild pain up to a severe pain that will stop you from walking or even make you fully immobile. And as usual there is plenty of possibly causes of back pain. And when it is localized only on the left side you should try to find out why something like this happened to you. However there are also a lot of medicaments that can help you to deal with back pain. Just ask your specialist about the details.

Types of Pain on the Left Side of the Body: Treatment and Causes
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  1. What would case consent pressure feeling just on the left side of a woman just under the rib cage of her body?

    1. Linda I have the same situation. Please if you find out what causes yours please let me know. I have had blood test showing my liver enzymes was high. And 3 months before that my red blood cells was abnormaly large and my red blood count was low. I also was dignosed with very high colesteral ahd that was the bad colesteral that is high. I would just like answers and not another pill. I also was diagnosed with GARD, whuch is gasteral acid reflux disorder. I’m 53 and falling apart from the inside out.

      1. Hi Celeste,

        Did you ever receive an answer to your question? I have the same issue, just not consistent pain.

  2. I have had blood work done, 2 CT scans, EGD, all came back normal! I still have stoach and rib pain on my left side! I’m so worried.

    1. I had surgery Feb 2017 for a hiatal hernia, but when she cut me there was a plum size mass (benign) it was wrapped in lots of nerves which she had to cut. No Hiatal hernia. Now my left arm shakes down to my hand. Also my ribs move over something and I have to stretch, very painful. They say it’s nothing! I’m a Caregiver and can’t work because I can’t transfer a person from a wheelchair to a bed etc.

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