Where is Heart Located in Our Body (with Pictures)

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Once a person feels strange sensations in the chest, he or she starts worrying about the organs in which precisely this pain can be located. Of course, the greatest concern is connected with the possibility of experiencing pain in one’s heart. Obviously, it is extremely important to understand where the heart is located and what the main parts of this vital organ are.

Where is Heart Located in Human Body?

It is obvious that the heart is one of the most important parts of your body. This organ is a kind of a pump which helps various organs to deliver blood through various parts of the body. The circulation of the blood is essential as it makes the transport of oxygen, nutrients and wastes possible.

It will be reasonable to admit that the heart is quite small as it is as big as a fist and weighs less than a pound. It will be wrong to say that the heart is placed in the left half of your body since it is situated slightly to the left of the centre.

Where is Heart Located in Our Body

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You can find your heart easily when looking down at the body and placing your hand in the middle of your chest. If you move a bit to the left, you are likely to find the place where your heart is located. In fact, it is situated between the lungs. Of course, your heart is at the front of the spine.

Speaking more precisely with the use of some professional terminology, it will be important to say that the heart is located a bit obliquely. It is situated between the second rib and the fifth intercostal space. The part of it rests on the surface of the diaphragm.

You probably would like to learn why the heart is not located in the centre of your chest. In point of fact, a human body seems to be symmetric although it doesn’t. If you thoroughly examine your body, you may see that the two halves of your face are slightly different. Furthermore, it is a very popular situation when one breast is a bit smaller than the other one. Thus, external part of your body is far from being symmetric let alone its internal organs.

Despite the fact that it is normal for a human body to be asymmetric, it is still quite interesting to learn about the factors which determine this particular location of the heart. Actually, there is a great deal of various theories, some of which are particularly popular.

For instance, there is a belief that in the centre of the chest, there is a particular rigidity which would have made it impossible for your heart to perform its functions in such a successful way as it does while being in the left part of your body.

Another plausible theory says that such a location is the result of the difference between the two ventricles of the heart. While the right one delivers blood exceptionally to the nearby lungs, the left one delivers the blood to all the parts of your body. Obviously, such a function determines the bigger size of the left part of your heart. Therefore, it is quite possible that such a location of your heart is connected with the functions and sizes of the ventricles.

Heart Anatomy

Now, when you have learnt about the localisation of your heart, you are probably interested in learning several basic facts on the anatomy of this vital organ. Certainly, it will be easier for you to understand various disorders connected with the heart if you possess some knowledge on this topic.

Heart Anatomy

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The Right and Left Sides of the Heart

As far as you have already learnt, there are different functions of the two parts of a human’s heart.

The right part of the heart, which is actually a smaller one, delivers oxygen-poor blood from various tissues of your body. This blood is transported to the lungs by the right part of the heart as well. The lungs give the heart vital oxygen and help it to get rid of carbon-dioxide. This process is called the pulmonary circuit.

What is then the function of the left side of your heart? As far as you can guess, this part of the organ receives blood rich in oxygen and some nutrients. The pump of the heart works in such a way as the left side of it transport this enriched blood to other parts of your body. The blood vessels which are taking part in this process are forming the circuit called systemic.

It is important to emphasise that the heart has two pumping chambers as well as two receiving chambers.

The Tissues and Layers of the Heart Coverings

Dangerous conditions which attack the heart can occur practically in any part of this organ. Thus, you should know what coverings the heart has in order to understand your own body in a better way.

Where is Heart Located in Our Body (with Pictures)
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