White Spots on Throat: Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies

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For instance, it is not advisable to use antibacterial soap or lotions unless you are a doctor. Constant removal of the layer of normal bacteria from your hands can lead to immune disorders. Instead of being protected against the majority of infections, your body can become extremely weak and vulnerable. Thus, you shouldn’t use such products without a particularly serious reason.

The same thing is true while speaking about the place you are living. It is really essential to clean your flat or house with water and detergents on a regular basis. Still, you shouldn’t become extremely pedantic spending the majority of your spare time with a washcloth soaked into harsh chemicals. Remember, you will never be able to create sterile conditions at home whereas other bacteria are important for appropriate functioning of our bodies.

If you are so concerned about the cleanness, you’d better avoid the places with air-conditioners.  In point of fact, many people like the opportunity of switching hot temperature to more pleasant one, although there are many individuals who do not think about cleaning the filters of this equipment. This can be a rather big mistake.

The majority of microorganisms which are located in the room, get into these filters and stay there all the time. In addition to it, many conditioners throw these bacteria and fungi back to the room with cold air. You should remember about the fact that air-conditioners can become real factories of microorganisms if not cleaned regularly.

Another reasonable point concerning hygiene is the use of public toilets. Of course, the best thing you can do is to avoid such places as there one can find all possible species of bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeasts. Still, if you need to visit this room, it is important to remember several tips.

For instance, bear in mind the fact that it will be better for you to wipe your hands with paper towels rather than with a dryer. The majority of dryers are working in the same way as air-conditioners. Obviously, the difference is that in there are far more harmful bacteria in the toilet than in a shop or library.

It is also reasonable to avoid using solid soap in such places. It may seem strange as soap is usually associated with cleanness but it actually is a breeding spot of all the bacteria and viruses which have been on the hands of all the people who have used this soap bar. Thus, being in some public places, it will be wise to use exclusively liquid soap.

Avoid Pollutants

You have already learnt about the importance of avoiding various pollutants. You should really remember of using harsh detergents or other chemicals wisely. For instance, any time you want to apply some bleaching product on the surface, it is important to try to stop breathing while being exposed to these chemicals.

It is really extremely crucial since many home detergents have chlorine. Being exposed to such products may lead to intoxication. As a result, you may get severe rash of acne which can also be found on your throat.

White Spots on Throat: Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies
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